New Orleans Conference & Habitat for Humanity

Today is day one of the full conference… tomorrow is day two and the last day. I present tomorrow on home office productivity, focusing on tools I use in my office … the presentation is based on this and this blog posts.

Because we’re here during the annual Jazz Festival it was pretty hard to find a hotel for the conference.  Therefore, I am bouncing between three hotels.  I got in late on Tuesday, met my roommate (Sir LinkedALot), and crashed for the night.  The next morning I was up at 6am (5am my time), got ready and dragged my luggage and laptop a mile to the 2nd hotel (where the conference is). Not a big deal, since I’m in such great shape 😉

The rest of the day, until about 4:30, I did my first Habitat for Humanity project.  It was a lot of fun…. here are some pics.  I hope the people who get these homes can have peace and satisfaction in their new homes, and that they can know that we had fun and worked on their homes in the spirit of love and service.

By lunchtime we were feeling pretty energetic. This is Donna Sweidan of CareerFolk, showing us why no one messes with her. (I didn’t feel this energetic by the end of the day!)


Steve Gallison of POAC pointing to the flood line – it was about 5 to 5.5 feet from the ground… amazing.


I’m not sure what happened here… was I posing?  Did a rat run over my foot?  Had I just hit my thumb with a hammer?  You guess…

Que Pasa??
Que Pasa??

There were 10 of us who came to New Orleans early and spent the day in service… it was a lot of fun, we got to know one another better, and it was really fulfilling… !

2 thoughts on “New Orleans Conference & Habitat for Humanity”

  1. Always great to give back like this Jason

    I’ve done a few Habitat projects as well

    Friday is “pay it forward day”
    Thanks for all you do to PIF

  2. Hi, Jason,

    Great pics! They tell the story so well. Thanks for sharing them. It’s wonderful to help those who need assistance. A lot gets lost in the news reporting that you find out when you’re there in person. I bet you will return home with interesting stories to tell your family and friends.

    Take care,

    ~Kathy Bitschenauer

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