Job Search Organizer Video: What is JibberJobber

Today I recorded 4 more videos for the LinkedIn DVD.
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After almost four years I finally did what I’ve been asked to do by many, many people.

I didn’t do it earlier because I had simply run out of creativity.  But recently I started doing video recordings again and I thought “I CAN DO THIS.”

And so I did.

Thanks to Julie Walraven, resume writer and career coach, for being the first person to put this on a website (even before I put it up!).


2 thoughts on “Job Search Organizer Video: What is JibberJobber”

  1. Jason,

    The video INTORDUCTION TO JIBBERJOBBER should be posted on the front page of your web site. Before anyone signs in they need to see this video!


  2. I agree with Sterling. I am already incorporating into my client sessions so that the blank stare I get when I say JibberJobber can be alleviated. Job seekers are often overwhelmed as they face this new world of job search which is so different than their father’s job search. The tools are different, the resources are different and the challenges are different. The video is excellent to help them understand the ways it could help them and how you really do care about them… it shows.

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