I wondered: Will I ever walk again?

Last summer I ripped my calf pretty bad in a sports accident.  Well, the accident was that I was a out-of-shape dude playing capture the flag with a bunch of eight year olds.

I hobbled around on what I thought was a pulled muscle for a week.  At the end of that week I lept in a heroic effort to save my amost 3 year old from burning herself when she got something out of the microwave.

That leap did my calf in. I went to urgent care to learn I had ripped it probably 30-60% (can you imagine having your calf ripped 60%??), and that this was common in men my age, even if they are active.

I ended up on the couch, and crutches, for 6 weeks.  As far as I can remember, this was the most intense physical pain I’ve experienced.  For most of those 6 weeks I questioned if I would ever be able to walk again.

I felt like I was in prison.  I felt helpless. I was discouraged – pretty much the whole thing sucked.

Finally I made myself take my first, and then second, and then third step.  I ditched the crutches and just made myself start walking around (very, very slowly).

This year I’ve set a goal to walk 500 miles.  I’m already up to 85 miles – the most I have walked in one day is a little over 6 miles.  I can’t feel any pain or weakness in my calf.  It’s good as normal, and by the end of this year it will be great.

Relate this to your current job search, or job loss.  You will likely be in transition longer than six weeks, and you don’t have to sit on the couch and be depressed the entire time.

Even though you wonder if your “career” can ever get back on track, and doubt that it won’t, I bet you it will.

Just like my muscle healed, your career will heal.

One day it will be stronger.

One day you might not even remember the hardships you are going through today.

You will heal.

4 thoughts on “I wondered: Will I ever walk again?”

  1. Adversity is sometimes good and it can make us stronger if we get engaged.
    Like many others, I believe you will do it!
    With 311 days remaining, only 1.3344 miles per day.

  2. Jason, I am proud of you and I can relate! You’re much younger than me (I don’t hide my age, I’m 53) and in 2003, I slipped on marble stairs in a building, stairs I had walked up and down for 12 years at the time. I was wearing new bifocals, it was the first slushy day of the season, and I went down. Long story short, I broke my ankle in 3 places. I still have the 8 pins and a plate in my leg. They told me I might never walk the same again. But in less than a year, I was hill-walking again, and now in the warmer months, Teddy and I regularly do 3 miles.

    Attitude makes the difference… the I can’ts in our careers need to be replaced with I’ll try… because sometimes trying is all we can do. one babystep at a time…

    You go, my friend!

  3. @Shane, thank you – I agree about adversity. Not fun at the time but it helps make us stronger, if we let it.

    @Julie, you were a significant inspiration during that time. I remember you sharing that story and realizing that yes, I probably would… but it seemed so far off. And here I am… this week I’ll hit 100 miles 🙂

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