AOL + Jason Alba

So I’m now writing for AOL… I’ve written a few posts/articles, and today one of them was good enough to hit the “welcome screen,” which means quiet a few people might see it. ¬†Quite a few = lots.

Here’s an image of my article on the AOL welcome screen:


This article was edited and changed a few times, which is something I’m not used to (can’t you tell, from my writing, that I’m not used to being edited? :p)

Pretty cool stuff.

If you are coming over from AOL, welcome!

3 thoughts on “AOL + Jason Alba”

  1. Nice job Jason,

    Great info…. Love the quality of the comments. Imagine if you had to share comments you’ve written online when you apply for a job.


  2. I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about the comments, or the comments that are hidden (I can still see them) … I don’t want to get fired just yet. But yeah, you have a very good point!

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