Ten Bucks for Keisha

My buddy Daniel Johnson changes his status regularly, and this one caught my attention:


Dan doesn’t know I’m writing this post right now. He just knows I contributed, that’s all.

Dan is… how do I put this… the salt of the earth.  Dan is one of those really good, genuine people.  We’ve known each other virtually since 2006.  I have always had a lot of respect for what Dan does for job seekers (a lot).

He’s one of the first bloggers I wanted to get to know, and I can say that having known him has enriched my life.

You may have already given at the office, given at church and given to Haiti. I’m just asking you if you’ll give to Keisha, so she can get hearing aids.  Just a few bucks.

I know Dan will greatly appreciate it.  And Keisha will (probably) love you for it.

Send $10 (or any amount) on PayPal.  Or use the widget below.

Much appreciated!

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