Mr. Obama: How to create jobs the stereotypical republican way

I usually don’t write two posts in one day but I figured I better close the loop on my last post, which was a suggestion to Obama on how to create jobs the democrat way.

Here’s my other-perspective letter:

Mr Obama,

You say we need to create jobs this year (2010).  Big priority.

Well, here’s what you do: GET OUT OF THE WAY.

Let companies do their thing.

Let entrepreneurs do their thing.

There are companies and people who are dying to fill the holes the federal government is trying to fill.

Stop using stimulus money to buy shares in Detroit companies. Instead, use that money to really stimulate the economy (not just to stimulate auto sales).

Keep the interest rates low (I personally don’t know what the implications are of this, but it seems like a really good idea).

Encourage creativity and foster an environment where entrepreneurs can take risks.  What if there were some way to distribute the money to entrepreneurs, instead of companies that are just too big to steer back into a good path that will be self-sustaining, create jobs, etc?

Tesla Motors is an example of an entrepreneur putting his money into redesigning the auto industry.

Please read Inc. Magazine.  Make your staff read it.  Put it on Air Force One, and in any other vehicles. Have it in government buildings.  The paradigm must shift from the bubble inside the DC beltway to what we experience outside of the beltway.

Also, read this short piece by former Secretary of Agriculture Ezra T. Benson titled The Proper Role of Government.  There are some scary things in there about what government should AND SHOULD NOT do.  It talks about the citizen’s role in all of this.  It is a terrific read and I’d love to know how much you agree or disagree with this. I think all of Congress should read and study this document (NOT assign it to their staff for a briefing).

I think that if you can just get out of the way we’ll get this righted.  There are thousands of stories about people filling a need, creating a business, and hiring employees (ie, creating jobs).  Here are two examples:

Jayson Edwards did the unthinkable: he opened a hot dog stand in a relatively small town in Utah.  He’s become a local legend and quite successful. He had to make sacrifices, but he found and need and fills it. I’m sure this sounds crazy to you if you are in a big city (D.C. or NYC), but it was unheard of in Provo.

Cloud Star Products is a company that apparently employees 100 people.  This company started when a couple’s dog was just not doing well – they eventually came up with a line of food that helps dogs with allergies (who’da thunk!).  I read about them in the Costco Magazine (article here).

You know what?  It is OKAY that these people don’t work for the government, and that they don’t work for a big company.  There is more to this country than that.  They are chasing their American Dream, and that has to be okay.

What can you do to help us pursue our American Dreams?  Remember, many of the big companies today are here because some guy or gal was alone and broke, but had a dream and a passion and the will to chase it.

Don’t trip the chaser.

This was harder to write than the first letter…. thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Mr. Obama: How to create jobs the stereotypical republican way”

  1. Excellent article, Jason. I love the line “don’t trip the chaser.” I try never to discourage people from thinking big, just because I’m not willing to take the same risks.

    Side note: In the linked-to article, Tom Morrill is just a regular customer at J-Dawgs. Jayson Edwards started the company. You should probably edit that part for accuracy.

  2. Scott, thanks for the clarification… I just updated it (whoa, that was close. I almost made Tom Morrill famous :p).

    That is a cool line, too, once I wrote it I realized how clever it was (as he pats himself on the back :p).

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