Giveaway: Killer Online Press Releases DVD

Here is giveaway #2 for this year (see, I’m doing pretty good!). It is more business-related… not really for a job seeker, although I have plenty of PR professionals who read the blog and use JibberJobber in their job search. I also have plenty of business owners who read this blog… this would be perfect for YOU.

Like last week:

  1. Answer a question (see below) in the comments (not on Facebook),
  2. Someone judges it (in this case, Janet is going to be the judge!) after 72 hours, which gives some time for those who get the post the next day via email,
  3. Whoever wins gets this almost 3 hour DVD (with bonuses): Killer Online Press Releases ($249 value)

I’ve known Janet for a few years now.  I’m a fan of hers… she is one of my authors, and I worked with her to develop this DVD (I have an interest in this DVD).

If you aren’t the lucky one to win the DVD, you can get your own here.

The question (creative job seekers can answer too – that would be fun…):

“You want publicity about something – what do you want publicity about?  Describe it, and then give us a sample headline of a press release that you would write for that.”

Go for it – notice there are two parts to your answer.  Please respond in the comments OF THIS BLOG POST (not Facebook, or Twitter, etc.).

7 thoughts on “Giveaway: Killer Online Press Releases DVD”

  1. Jason, thanks for this post – we’ve worked a lot of hours on this, haven’t we? It’s so rewarding to have my own product.

    This is an open invitation for people to self-promote their businesses – so go ahead and comment! Let us know what you’re up to or what you’re doing to get publicity for a client.


  2. I am planning on launching a “movement” later this year so hopefully the DVD offer does not have an expiration date of say, 120 days or less :).

    I want publicity about, the online home of the “revolution” to be launched later this year to change the way we look at relationships in our lives.

    Description: It is time that we stop… and change the conversation about relationships in our world. We need to change the way we believe in ourselves and in each other. From the quick transactional relationships at the grocery store to everday office comrades to the most intimate relationship of marriage between two people who “cherish” one another, we need to equip people to be relationally healthy and pro-actively care for all the relationships in their lives.

    Now that we are addressing health care issues in the United States, once we have the access taken care of – we need to discuss what exactly is covered in healthcare and preventative medicine. We need to raise the visibility to a very important aspect of health and wellness – relational wellness. Relational wellness is a relatively new term use to describe the the pro-active care of one’s relational health. Included in that is the understanding of one’s own relational issues and needs and building the skills necessary to function in a healthy relationship.

    Headline: Take Care of Your Relationships Before There’s a Problem and will help you.
    sub-headline – Online resource to enable people to pro-actively take care of relational health launches today.

    Now I am marketer by trade but never have been the big PR queen – so help! Thanks for listening.

  3. Description: My company, Interview Roadmap, provides resume and interview consulting. This year, I am expanding my services to offer products, consulting for after the interview (the first 30, 60 and 90 days), and consulting for performance evaluations. The mission of Interview Roadmap is to help people remember and realize their full career potential. I want people to stop thinking their achievements aren’t worth much or that they haven’t really made a contribution. Most of the time, once they work with me, they realize they have done more than they realized in each job they have held in their career history! Nothing is better than to hear that first “Wow..I can’t believe this is MY resume and I’ve done all of this!” when I have finished writing a client’s resume, or to hear “I feel so much better about this interview” once I help them improve their interview skills.

    I just got word that I will receive my very first print mention in an article! I’m getting an official headshot done between today and tomorrow. It is an exciting time for my business as it continues to grow and expand 🙂 What better way to celebrate than with a nice price release announcing this?

    Bethesda Certified Resume Writer and Interview Consultant Shows Job Seekers How to Get Over Interview Jitters

  4. Great idea, Jason!

    Description: I am editor of a trade publication for professional resume writers, Resume Writers’ Digest. One of my objectives is to help professional resume writers and careers industry folks get more media attention for their services. Although “jobs” and “careers” are two of the top news topics nowadays, you will rarely see a resume writer quoted in an article, even if it’s about job seekers. (Most of those quoted are recruiters, hiring managers, or HR professionals.) To cut through the clutter, the news release I write has to be attention-getting, and perhaps a bit controversial. I’d like to conduct a survey of my readers and ask them what kind of client would *not* need their services … and then turn that into a press release they can use that demonstrates that actually there are very few clients who could *not* benefit from working with a careers professional. They would be able to insert their own quotes to customize it for their local media, while drawing on the results of a nationally-conducted survey.

    Resume Writers Say: You May Not Need Us

  5. Thanks everyone for entering – there are some great ideas here. I like all of them but choose Sherry as the winner. Why? Because with high unemployment and a at stake with a job interview (so much competition) it’s more important than ever that people have confidence. I think my DVD will help you find a good angle and it’s an angle that can be optimized for search engines.

    Denise – thank you for your contribution. You could get great tie-ins with Tiger Woods or any other (zillions) of celebrities with strained relationships. Give your opinion & talk up your tools. I hope you’ll seek press over this important issue.

    Bridget – yours is solid too. This would make a great TIPS or HOW TO press release. How to pick the right ___ to help you land your next job. 5 Professionals you Probably Didn’t Think you Needed for a Successful Job Search.

    Good luck in your online PR efforts,


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