Compatibility View on IE 8 (JibberJobber Users)

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Update 1/8/09: thanks to the comment from Trevor Wilson, from, we installed the patch/fix so that this is not important anymore. And it seems to have resolved at least one other thing that Marc reported… we’ll keep an eye on that!

Microsoft 8 came out a while back and they introduced a new feature bug… if you use IE 8 you’ll see something wrong on JibberJobber.  Fortunately it’s easy to fix.

When you login the Action Item panel is messed up … it looks weird… check this out:


To fix this once, simply go to the browser menu (not the JibberJobber menu), click on Tools, and then click on Compatibility View (red arrow). To fix it FOREVER, click on Compatibility View Settings (green arrow) and make sure JibberJobber is in the list of websites.


Here’s a snippet where I put JibberJobber as a website that should always show in compatibility view:


After you have done that you’ll see the top of the Action Item panel the correct way, like this:


Thanks Microsoft, for introducing another important (cough cough) feature (cough cough) 🙂

11 thoughts on “Compatibility View on IE 8 (JibberJobber Users)”

  1. Had a similar display problem on my site. You can add a line of code to your header that forces IE8 into compatibility mode so that individual users don’t have to do it manually.

    Check out:

    www [dot] ditii [dot] com/2008/08/28/ie8-standards-mode-and-ie7-compatibility-mode/

    Just a thought…

  2. Okay, but “Compatibility View” will fix a web site until it works with IE8. Bug or not, IE8 is the first IE introduced for Windows 7 users, and eventually Compatibility View will be to allow IE9 to display things like IE8 does. I hate to admit it too, but IE8 is not a fad.

    Is IE8 compatibility planned?

  3. Trevor, thank you for that info – sent it to the dev team and perhaps that will take care of it.

    Marc, the bug thing was tongue-in-cheek. Having been a web developer for that last 10 years I know how frustrating it is to have to chase new browsers, new versions, etc… you are always one step behind (or, if you get ahead, they release a new version and make unnecessary changes). So that’s a personal pet peeve of mine, which came out a bit in this post.

    To answer your question, we plan on being compatible with all browsers. IE knows whatever they did was far-reaching, so they put it in their main menu, and there are tons of articles on the issue.

    What I propose above is a quick, 2 minute fix.

    In addition, we’ll look at what Trevor mentioned.

    And of course, as we continue development we’ll be as aware as we can of all of the browsers and versions to test against, and do what we can to keep it as clean as possible.

  4. Thanks Jason.

    There is another problem with IE8 that isn’t solved with Compatibility View. Try this:

    0. (turn on Compatibility View)
    1. Add a log to a job, type some text about what you did, with whom, what you’re going to do, and add a thoughtful subject line.
    2. Click the Company tab to associate the company the job is with (so that it shows up under Reporting, otherwise you’ll get a half-a** report)
    3. Click Contacts so that you can associate which contact was involved.
    4. Click Action Item to add a followup. As soon as you check the box that you want to flag for followup, the window disappears and closes.
    5. Scream: “Arghghgh!!”

    Start over again. This happens with or without Compatibility View

    I’ve switched to Google Chrome. Thanks for your broad browser support.

  5. To enable compatibility mode you can also press the broken page icon next to the refresh button.

    IE Outreach

  6. @Marc – looking at that now, thank you for letting us know…

    @Feranm_ie8team – WOW… a real MS person responding … 100 points for Microsoft!!

    Just to clarify, there is an image to the right of the URL bar … where you type the URL in … the icon right next to this is the broken icon Feranm is talking about (and then to the right of that is the refresh icon)

    Thanks 🙂

  7. Jason,

    Glad to see that you’re so understanding of coding glitches. I spotted a glitch on your page that doesn’t have anything to do with Microsoft. You spelled “weird” incorrectly in this sentence near the top:

    When you login the Action Item panel is messed up … it looks wierd… check this out:

  8. @Steven – “wierd” is one of my words… I made it up. It means “weird,” it’s just spelled differently :p

    Actually, I always misspell it.

    Thanks, fixed it!

  9. Coding is not my world but an observation on spelling is. A marketing blogger told me that he leaves a type in now and then. His posts have been taken word for word without attrition (giving credit or links) to other sites and reblogged with the typo intact… so there might be something to your “wierd” word… Anyone who copies and pastes and does’t edit will be found out…

    Blogging done right, as you know, Jason, is about building community. When you steal someone else’s words, I think you miss that… off topic, I know… but the spelling thing started it… 🙂

  10. Funny – this was supposed to be the “boring” post of the year… the one that no one would comment on :p Maybe it’s a sign of how spectacular this year is going to be 🙂

  11. Thanks to Trevor, we apparently fixed this main issue and possibly more… Trevor, email me your address and I’ll drop a LinkedIn for Job Seekers in the mail for you – perhaps you can give it out as a prize to your readers 🙂

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