The Lazy Careerist

I think back to my time before being self-employed, and ponder on what I did for my career.

On the one hand, I did all the right stuff to build the content of my resume (titles, schooling, etc.).

On the other hand, I did the bare minimum.

I assumed.  And I was lazy.

I think I was normal.

I’m not saying that normal means people who don’t do what they *should* … rather, I’m saying I see a lot of people who don’t do what they ought to do.

Bare minimum vs. doing all the right things.

The problem was I spent my time working for my employer, assuming the employer would take care of me.

We all know how that works out.

Can I implore you to take yourself out of lazy, or assuming, mode, with regard to your career?

I guess it’s okay to be lazy and assuming with regarding to career management, as long as you got a job, but when that job ends (for a variety of reasons), you will regret it, and it can set you back months (and months and months).

5 thoughts on “The Lazy Careerist”

  1. I agree in general with what you are saying. The key is don’t be lazy and plan ahead. For me, and others, I think the hardest part is finding factual data to base your career plans. This is exactly why we started . It brings an analytical approach to career management.

  2. So Jason, I want to write this book with you. When do I get to be one of your expert writers so that I can grow your immense empire. I like the Lazy Careerist. I want to meet him or her.

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