Nick Corcodilos (aka: Ask the Headhunter): How to Work With Headhunters

How to Work With Headhunters - Ask the HeadhunterI met Nick Corcodilos in Savannah at a conference.  He was telling a bunch of resume writers that resumes were useless, and why they were useless.  I thought it was a very gutsy thing to do – come to a conference as a keynote speaker and tell all of the professionals that their chosen profession (and for many, life passion) was obsolete.

That is how Nick is: gutsy.

Nick Corcodilos is an undisputed subject matter expert and thought leader in the job search space.  He has been writing for syndicated columns for years, and many thousands of people have read and benefited from his work and his perspective.

I got a chance to check out his new How to Work With Headhunters and even my expectations were exceeded – this is a terrific book and one that I recommend to anyone who is ready to really understand how recruiters play a part in your job search.

I didn’t understand – I thought recruiters found me a job when I most needed it.

Nothing further from the truth, especially in my situation.

Thankfully, one recruiter said “Jason, you’ll find a job for yourself sooner than I’ll find anything for you.”

It was then that I started to understand the job seeker / recruiter relationship.

If you aren’t getting value out of recruiters, and the valuable resource they could be in your job search and career management, then check out Nick’s book: How to Work with Headhunters… and how to make headhunters work for you.

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  1. Hi Jason:

    This is Tom Dezell from POAC. We met during your Maryland/DC trip in September. I agree that Nick is gutsy, but I also have directed many a customer to his web site and newsletters to help them better understand the role of recruiters in their job search. I have also forwarded one particular article of his to many grateful customers-on the topic of Executive Marketing services. Here is the link if you haven’t seen it already.

    Tom Dezell
    Committed to Improving Networking Skills
    for the Novice, Nervous or Naive Job Seeker

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