How To Become A RainMaker: Book You MUST Have

How to become a Rainmaker - Jeffrey FoxSometime during the last year of my employment at my last job I swiped a book from my mom while she was visiting my family.  How To Become A Rainmaker had me 1,000% captivated.  Every chapter is 2 – 5 pages, the book is small (although not a “pamphlet”), and the stuff in there was just amazing.

I’m not a salesperson, and I wasn’t at the time, but reading Jeffrey Fox’s book on becoming a rainmaker, and the strategy and tactics involved, won me over.

As CEO of Me, Inc. I think it’s critical that we understand our role of sales and marketing.  I don’t know of any better training, whether it’s beginner training or advanced training, to help us understand what goes into becoming an effective salesperson.

Salesperson = Communicator

Salesperson = Influencer

There is no reason to not be a more efficient communicator or influencer, I don’t care if you are unemployed, a super-geeky programmer (no offense intended :p), or a work-alone-on-the-moon astronaut.

You need this book.

It is about $14 on Amazon.  Or you might be able to get it at Costco (I’ve seen a bunch of Fox’s books at my Costco).  Or you can check your local library.

I don’t care how you get this book, but get it.  And read it with your “CEO of Me, Inc.” hat on.

2 thoughts on “How To Become A RainMaker: Book You MUST Have”

  1. I absolutely agree! This book is about contributing to the lives of others in such a way that you become indispensable — regardless of your current/chosen profession.

    Get the book.

    Actively read the book (with notes in the margins, hi-liting the hot stuff -expect a lot of this, blogging about it as you read, and whatever else it takes to digest and unpack.

    And then practice what you learned — I dare you!

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