Job Security in the Government

I used to work for the Federal Government.  When I decided to leave my clerical position and go to private industry as a web developer, I had a number of people come and warn me that I was leaving the most secure thing I could ever have.  (read my thoughts about job security here)

How could private industry compete with the steady paycheck and the acceptable benefits that the gov’t would provide?  If I just stayed a few decades longer perhaps I could work my way up and make enough money to raise a family (at the time I was making about $10.50 an hour).

They thought I was nuts to leave such a good thing.  And good it was, for sure, for some people.  I have family and friends who have a great retirement after spending their careers in government service.  My career envy thoughts even made me think about the FBI or Air Force as options.

But here’s something that I think is just downright sad… check out this CNN article titled Pennsylvania withholds July pay.


Oh, it gets better… in the article it says Pennsylvania is withholding pay for 69,000 state employees. You’ve heard about California sending out IOUs?  That’s because they have a $26B shortfall.  So hey, take this IOU and pay your bills.  Actually, some debtors took the IOUs for a short time, but either they have stopped taking IOUs or they have a date on when they won’t accept them anymore.  This will ruin personal and business credit.

So much for job security.  The second to last line in that article says “Many thousands of California workers will lose their jobs.”

How’s that for security.

I feel my career envy dwindling already.

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  1. What happens to all of the interest Fat Ed is earnng each day that we do not get paid? I have never seen any money for what I earned but recieved on each over due pay check. How many millions for 77,000 state workers ED? Who is investigating this?

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