Update: JibberJobber Training and User Webinars

I finally set up the JibberJobber user webinars so that you can access them with the new GoToWebinar VOIP option – which means you don’t have to call into a number – simply listen on your computer speakers.   Hopefully this reduces any confusion about the audio portion.

I also set up a recurring webinar training, starting on Wednesday (June 3rd) and going every other week through the rest of the year (you can see part of that schedule here).  When I first starting using GoToWebinar they didn’t have this feature, so people would say “why is the webinar in December of 2009?”  This should be resolved now, also… hopefully.

To get on this next webinar (June 3rd), or any webinar after that, simply register at this link below.  When you register you will get an email back with info on how to get on the webinar.


THE BIGGEST CONFUSION I’ve seen is the TIME of the webinar. These webinars are at 9am MST, which is 8am PST, 10am CST and 11am EST.  I don’t know how to do the higher level math and calculations that Arizona people can do, so I can’t say what time it is there, but I’m guessing they can figure it out based on 9am MST 🙂

Here are some other ways to get help with JibberJobber:

Written documentation in the WIKI.  This is a project we started a while ago – if you have any suggestions on what to add, just let us know.

JibberJobber Two Minute Tutorial Videos.  Some are more than two minutes, some are less than two minutes, but you get the point.  Many are years old, … we’re updating these in a different place, check this out for the most updated user tutorials.

As always you can use the Contact Us form to submit questions, suggestions, rants, raves, etc.

Note that all of these links are found from the HELP page, which is at the bottom of every page in JibberJobber, including this blog.

I’m very pleased with the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD… the comments I’m getting about it in my email and from the Amazon reviews have been awesome!  If you haven’t gotten yours yet, you can get it from here… if you are a coach, outplacement firm, operate a college career center, etc. email me about bulk rates and site licenses.

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