Mountain. Molehill.

We all have problems.

I recently learned about a guy who needed a few hundred dollars for something more than legitimate.

I thought about offering to chip in for $100, but instead I did nothing.  I felt bad about it all week, and the next time I was with my friends who also knew about this, I said “you know, this guy just needs a few hundred dollars.  I can’t do the whole thing, but I can put in $100.”

It feels so good to be at a point where I can do this for someone else.  I recognize that a few hundred dollars for this gentleman is a mountain – something that he simply can’t conquer.

For many, even in this economy, $100, or a few hundred dollars, is nothing more than a molehill.

What can you do for someone else today?  Here’s a non-monetary idea:

Reach out to someone you know who you haven’t talked to in a while, just to say hi, and that you wanted to see how they were doing.  This is pretty significant for someone who is lonely.

Here’s another non-monetary idea… as a job seeker I thought I had nothing to offer job seekers.  But I really had the thing they wanted and needed most:

Introduce one of your contacts to someone.  I didn’t have money, but I was networking into a lot of great people… doing an introduction between two people can be one of the greatest things you have to offer.  And you can do it today.

Want more ideas?  Three months ago I wrote “How To Help a Job Seeker.”  Still one of my favorite posts.

3 thoughts on “Mountain. Molehill.”

  1. Jason,

    Love this post. Puts it all in perspective… doing for others is really where we find our greatest joy… and you’re right– it doesn’t have to be monetary. It can just be a kind act.

    Thanks. This started my Monday off right! 🙂

  2. Great point. By helping others you also help yourself.

    Recently, I volunteered to help an area charity. While the details are yet to be worked out, I could “feel” their relief when I received an email response to my offer and it made me feel good. Lastly, it doesn’t hurt that the position is in my area of interest either 😉

  3. Wonderful post, Jason. And while I do agree with your idea that help doesn’t have to be monetary – how terrific that you CAN help (along with your friends) with money. Hopefully that person will soon get to the point where he/she can in turn help someone else.

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