JibberJobber’s Third Birthday is Coming Up – Ideas for Specials?

The week of May 11th – May 15th (probably including both weekends) we’ll be celebrating the third anniversary of JibberJobber.com.  I’ll never forget the night we went live, and the months leading up to it.  Seems so long ago!

Each year we have special offers and fun stuff that we do (ok, this year we’re going to introduce fun stuff!), and I have some ideas for this third anniversary… but I thought I’d throw it out to you: what do you think we could do for this third anniversary?

Note that we’ll grandfather the specials… for example, anyone who pays for an upgrade today will get the accompanying prizes that we offer then… I don’t want you to think you have to wait until next month to upgrade :p

So what are your ideas?  What special offers should we give?  Anything fun to do (as a community?)?

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3 thoughts on “JibberJobber’s Third Birthday is Coming Up – Ideas for Specials?”

  1. Hi Jason,

    I run an online career wellness hub for working moms in Canada. Your anniversary dates almost coincide with Mother’s Day, so it would be neat perhaps to offer something to busy working moms? Heaven knows (as one myself) we could utilize a relationship management tool in our super busy lives! What do you think?


  2. A discounted price for Veterans?

    A comprehensive translation of military MOS designations into the terms used in a civilian job search?

    A living directory of green businesses?

    A listing of green jobs?

    A listing of certification programs for green jobs?

  3. @Lydia – good idea – I need to work on that for next year … I also need to write a post why grandmas and grandpas should use JJ.

    @Joy – great ideas – we have a huge discount for veterans… will check into developing the rest.

    Thanks for suggesting!

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