LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD – Last Day for 49.95 Special Price

Today is the last day of the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD sale price – I just asked my main web guy to change the price to $59.95 plus shipping and handling tomorrow.  Tomorrow I expect the box of DVDs to arrive at my office, and I’ll ship a bunch in the afternoon.

If you want to save $10 and have me eat the shipping and handling, you need to order today .  Additionally, I’ll throw in some kind of THANK YOU for ordering early thing – not sure if it will be free premium of JibberJobber, or one of my other webinars (Blog Marketing 201 – 501 or Write Your Book), but it will be something cool (any ideas?).

LinkedIn for Job Seekers has the following chapters/session:

  1. Profile Review Part I – Above the Fold – I critique the top part of five LinkedIn Profiles, and make suggestions on how they can make them stronger, and increase the chances of being found in search results.
  2. Profile Review Part II – Below the Fold – I critique the rest of the five LinkedIn Profiles, specifically the stuff that you see when you scroll down (education, work history, etc.)
  3. Applications – To wrap up the “LinkedIn Profile” stuff, I had to talk about the new “LinkedIn Applications,” and what I suggest you do as a professional.
  4. Account and Settings – It’s a big menu page, but what do you need to worry about? We’ll go over some of the things I recommend you pay attention to.
  5. Getting and Giving Recommendations – How to get and give LinkedIn Recommendations.
  6. Answers – Asking Questions – Ask questions in LinkedIn as a part of your networking and personal branding strategy.  Here’s how.
  7. Answers – Answering Questions – Not ready to commit to asking questions regularly?  Answering questions is also very powerful, and doesn’t come with any regular commitment.
  8. Searching – If you aren’t using advanced search, you are missing a big part of LinkedIn.  There are a few simple tricks that can take you a long ways in LinkedIn.
  9. Browsing Connections – Your first degree connections might have some golden contacts for you – here’s one way of finding people you need to network your way into.
  10. Exporting Connections – Exporting your contacts is one of the four things I talk about in my seminar.  Here’s why and how.
  11. Growing Your Network – I had 5 first degree contacts when I first got started, and that was a huge mistake.  Instead of saying “get thousands,” we say “get the right connections, and here’s what that means!”
  12. Groups – Groups for the job search?  Absolutely, and strategically!  We talk about how to find Groups and what to do once you are a member.
  13. Staying Current – I’m on LinkedIn — Now What Blog – Some info on how to keep up with current LinkedIn information, as well as communicate with others regarding issues we blog about.
  14. Company Pages – The Company feature in LinkedIn is amazing… AMAZING.  I think it’s the second best thing they’ve done, next to Answers, for a user like me.  Eventually it could eclipse the value of Answers… !
  15. Jobs – Looking for a job in LinkedIn’s job search area?  Here are some things to know.
  16. Introductions and Communication – how to, when to, why to communicate with people in LinkedIn’s communication tools.
  17. Conclusion – Some final thoughts on LinkedIn, LinkedIn in your job search, etc.

Instead of a “here is every link in LinkedIn, and if you click on it here’s what happens” training, this focuses on what I think you should focus on with LinkedIn.  So there you go – if you want it you can get it whenever, but if you want to save some money and get some other goodies then order it TODAY.

I’ll decide on what bonuses to give with these preorders before I ship – you can leave suggestions in the comments (or by email).

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