JibberJobber.com is a Webware 100 Finalist (this is huge news)

A few years ago my friends at emurse were recognized by Rafe Needleman fro CNet’s Webware.  Rafe is a big voice in the web 2.0, online space (webware is software for the web… get it?), and having a mention in an article he did was a big part of emurse getting some good traction in the market.

Shortly after I saw the article I contacted Rafe with something like “hey, check us out – we’re cool too!

I’m guessing Rafe gets pitched hundreds of times a day and has to sift through a lot of meaningless (or ill-prepared) pitches.  I was flattered when he finally did a writeup about JibberJobber on webware in November of 2006 (wow, that was a LONG time ago!).

Then, I heard about the Webware 100, which is a list of 100 of the best web apps (that is, applications, not just brochureware websites). Oh how I longed to be on that list… I don’t think I came close to making the cut, however, and when I saw the list of Webware 100 winners I knew I didn’t have a snowballs chance in ______.

Until 2009, that is.  A buddy of mine submitted JibberJobber as a Webware 100 finalist and forwarded me what he submitted.  I was flattered that my buddy (I won’t name him here – he’s in New Jersey and knows who he is!) submitted JibberJobber, and really happy with what he wrote about JibberJobber in his nomination (he’s been watching JibberJobber since the very early days).

Of course I didn’t think I’d make any cuts… but Rafe emailed me about a week ago and notified me that JibberJobber is a finalist!  Oh man… what a terrific honor!

Considering how big the winners of past are, like Amazon, BlogTalkRadio, Google, Craigslist, ebay, PayPal, Skype, Opera, Yahoo, Woot, iPhone, YouTube, etc. I don’t think I have a chance at all… they have traffic and reach that is extraordinarily larger than my reach… but let me just sit here super flattered, and elated, that we even made it in the cut – from around 6,000 nominations down to the final 300.

What a freaking cool honor.

Now, just because I don’t believe we won’t win doesn’t mean I won’t ask for your vote… if you have a minute to spare, please head over and vote for your favorite job search organizer… er, I mean, career management toolset, er, I mean, personal relationship manager, er… you know what I mean 😉

Thank you to J.R. in New Jersey for nominating me, and thank you for Rafe and team for letting me enjoy being a Webware 2009 finalist … what a terrific honor!

How big is this? It will be announced on the following sites: CNET.com (over 10 millions visitors a month), CNET Download (about 10 million visitors a month), CNET News (about 500k visitors a month), CNET Webware (about 130k visitors a month), and CBSNews (about 3.5 million visitors a month).  And last year there were 1.9 million votes.  This is huge… !

12 thoughts on “JibberJobber.com is a Webware 100 Finalist (this is huge news)”

  1. OK, Jason,
    you deserve it.
    Wonder if you remember me though.
    I been watching you ever since you began.
    Come to think of it weren’t you saying that you had enough of blogging?

    Here’s wishing you all the best

  2. Well done Jason! This is a great opportunity for you and JibberJobber. This is one reason why you should let the whole world what your passion is.

    Congatulations and more power! POWER YEAH! 😀

  3. Dear Jason,

    I hope that someday you will look back at all of this and laugh and remember how nice I was too you when you were broke and not famous. Then you will remember my encouraging words and warm embrace. You will remember that time I almost bought you lunch but then you said “that’s ok” and paid for it yourself.

    Please don’t forget me when you are sitting around in a sparkley jumpsuit eating exotic treats and playing with the latest this or that. Don’t forget all the fun times I had asking you for lots of tiny favors that didn’t seem like much at the time but steadily and gradually stole your productivity away. Don’t forget how I always meant to buy a copy of your books but never quite got around too it.

    I guess what I am saying is that when you are rich and famous you should follow the example of MC Hammer and not forget your homies. Just remember to always give back to the people (like myself) who constantly tried to take so much from you.

  4. Jason, that’s wonderful news! You are one of the “good guys” of the Internet, and I’ve enjoyed watching your progress. Despite your business’s growth and your busy schedule, you never fail to help others in need. Best of luck in the competition 🙂

  5. Deserving something comes from overcoming adversity, taking a chance, putting in the slog, going the extra mile, keeping the faith and never failing to make time for other people.

    Your vision, enthusiasm and sheer energy are awesome. And you’re still refreshingly modest about it all. You absolutely deserve this!! It’s so lovely when really nice people get recognition for their efforts.

    May you go from strength to strength. xx

  6. Hi Jason,

    That is so great! Wow, CNET? I am IMPRESSED. You deserve it. This is a fantastic site and I refer my clients to use it all the time. I’ll cross my fingers for the big win. 🙂

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