The Detroit Job Search

Detroit’s economy has been hit harder than most other places, and for much longer.  I can’t imagine living there and trying to sell a house, find a job, keep a career afloat, etc.  I’ve never been there but I’m guessing the morale in the city for career people is not very good.

One of my favorite networking advocates is Terry Bean, who runs Networked, Inc. Terry is a super-cool guy, and lives to help people understand, live and get value out of networking.  He’s right in the thick of the place that needs it most.

Last week Terry wrote a post titled 11 things job seekers need to know about networking.  If you are in a job search, or afraid of getting laid off, or concerned about how to help a job seeker friend, you need to read this post.  I appreciate the shoutout to JibberJobber in one of his points, but more than that, I appreciate the message of hope and action that Terry brings.

Keep it up Terry!

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