Go Where The Grass Is Greener (or not)

Everyone wants to work for Google, right?  Back in the olden days (around 2000 – 2003) it seemed like this was the hottest place to work… and even the lowest man on roster was becoming a multimillionaire due stock options.

I kind of wanted to work there, but figured the work environment would conflict in a big way with family stuff.  All of their perks sounded great for a bachelor, but I had kids and didn’t think it would be good for me to spend 20 hours a day at work.

I recently finished reading The Google Story and LOVED it.  Their story, where they came from (pretty privileged, actually), what they accomplished, and how they have changed the world has been so inspiring for me.

I love Google.  I have even been to the Googleplex in Silicon Valley… very cool. The grass must be SOOO green over there, right?

Actually, maybe not. Read this TechCrunch post titled Why Google Employees Quit.  And read the 390 comments.

Is the grass greener there, at the best company in the world, which is changing the world, and continually noted as (one of) the best places to work?

I guess not.

It’s probably not greener at that other company down the street, or in the town/city/state you are thinking of moving to.

Not to discourage you from pursuing something else, but let me suggest that the “green grass problem” may be more internal (something you can change) than external. Maybe.

I’m also guessing there is someone at your “green grass company” who is looking at their own list of companies where they think the grass is greener.

And in today’s market, it’s good to just hunker down and wait.  While you are waiting, might I suggest getting your career management in order with JibberJobber?

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  1. Rachel – I have not read the WWGD book, although it’s kind of on my list … too many books, not enough time! This year I’ve read two Grisham books (I needed a mental break) and Randy Pausch’s excellent The Last Lecture book….

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