Are You Hungry Enough To Be Creative?

I try not to blog about job search strategies because I think they are… well, boring.

It’s really a lot of the same old stuff, which a lot of other bloggers regurgitate again and again.  It’s not wrong, it’s just principle-based, and getting too far away from principles takes you to weird places.

Having said that, I think too many people are doing things wrong in the job search (I certainly was), or doing all of the same things that everyone else is doing, so they are in a bad rat race, and not differentiating themselves from the next competitor.

Enter a simple idea, and $1,200.  I heard about this on Twitter… Julie Sarpy paid $1,200 to rent a billboard for three days on a busy expressway in Dallas.  Supposedly it’s been working – two offers and a bunch of phone calls and emails.

You know what I find most interesting?  She is looking for work as a “fashion consultant or a personal assistant.”   I am not sure what her salary range is, but I”m guessing it’s not super-high.  In other words, this is not a rich person shooting for a huge salary using a guerrilla tactic.  It’s a regular person using a marketing method to get her back into the land of “steady paycheck.”

Are you hungry enough to try something like this?

If so, pick up Dave Perry’s book, Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters.  Dave has a brilliant mind and the experience of a savvy recruiter necessary to share tons of tips, tactics, techniques, and strategies to get out of the box everyone else is in.  Some of the stuff takes guts, for sure, but it’s about getting back to “steady paycheck,” isn’t it?

Oh yeah, I thought this was cool in the story about Julie Sarpy: “After seeing a media report about a man using a sandwich board to hunt for a job…”  That man is Joshua Persky, who has acknowledged JibberJobber in his job search 🙂

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