Sandwich Board Guy On CNN Got JibberJobber Help

A while back I met Paloma, who was here in Utah for a while and had gotten involved as a volunteer at a church-sponsored employment “agency.”  Paloma heard about JibberJobber and wanted to meet me, so my family had dinner with her and her husband and a friendship began.

Paloma and her husband came to Utah on a lucrative contract that fell apart shortly after they arrived. They found themselves as clients at the employment agency, and then volunteers helping others.  Paloma has a big heart, and a big desire to help others, and is a very smart person.

Eventually, her husband’s job search took them to Maryland.  Paloma has evangelized JibberJobber and reached out to Joshua Persky (his LinkedIn profile), of NYC sandwich board fame, to see what we could do to help.

In Joshua Persky’s blog post he acknowledges Paloma’s help:

It’s been a fantastic first 2 days at Weiser LLP. Thank you again to my family, Paloma Bowland of, Richelle Konian of, and Elliot Ogulnick, Director of Business Valuation / Corporate Finance at Weiser LLP who hired me.

Pretty cool!  Of course, it would be cooler if he said “JibberJobber was so indispensible in my job search, I don’t know what I would have done without it!” or “the only reason I landed this dream job was because I a sandwich board on my chest and JibberJobber on my computer!” or “I owe JibberJobber everything, as it was the real key to going from unemployed to dream job!”

Oh well 🙂  It’s supercool that Paloma had a lot to do with helping Joshua land! Here are some online stories about Joshua Persky:

Joshua Persky gets hired: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to get a job?

Joshua Persky: desperate and alone (Wallstrip)

Joshua Persky (on Mahalo)


I hear this stuff works… notice in the picture… A SMILE!

Congrats Joshua!

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