Merry Christmas

I usually take holidays off, but I decided to write this in advance.  For those who are Christmas folks, I hope today is a beautiful day of reflection and happy family traditions and memories!

Last week on the JibberJobber One Thing I asked people to give money away.  I was really blown away by the response I got, in the comments and in email.  I must be more bah-humbug than I thought, as I didn’t expect the outpouring of “giving” that I saw.

I hope that we can carry this spirit of giving with us throughout all of next year.  There are people who need something, anything, and we really can give.  Things like:

  • A smile and a sincere “how are you?”  Sometimes people just need someone to talk to – more than asking them how they are doing in the hallway at church or work, but in an environment where they can really tell you, and you can really listen.
  • Taking someone to lunch. It was so good for me to see my wife’s girlfriends ask her out to lunch during our unemployment.  She needed to get pampered a little, have some girl-time, etc.  I didn’t have the few bucks to take us both out to lunch, and I didn’t have the right mood to make it healthy for us.
  • Giving someone $20. That is just one bill for you, perhaps, but it is so very significant for the family who doesn’t have any income, but continues to have expenses.  Stretch a little and give $100.  Anonymous or not, it will be so appreciated.
  • A network contact. When I was in my job search I wanted to help, and give, but I felt I had NOTHING.  I realized that I did have something… and that was the network contacts I was nurturing.  You can’t imagine how helped we feel when you make an introduction that just might be what we needed.

There are more things you can give, and I know you want to – don’t let anything hold you back – resolve to give!

1 thought on “Merry Christmas”

  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS JASON AND FAMILY ~~~ To someone who gives all year round. You give of your heart and mind and talents. You help those who are in need of more than just a livelihood but life itself. My family and I are grateful for the advice, counsel, knowledge and love that you pour from a seemingly never ending font. May you always have enough love, ability and money to live on and to give from. Remember to take time to replenish your well as you gather oil in your lamps. Richard and I have enjoyed the spirit of anonymous heartfelt giving. It is a joy we wholeheartedly recommend others obtain by whatever means available to them. We have been on the receiving end as well and it is humbling and sweet. ~~ Glad we caught your post – we were on the computer looking at our holiday e-cards….

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