HR Professionals and Business Managers: Resources For You

Here’s an opportunity to subscribe to an HR though leadership resource at a discount and get some money (in the form of a rebate) in return… first the summary, then the full email I got from them.  If you are in HR I’d recommend you check it out, especially during the free period:

  1. All 283 programs are free (including a podcast recording I did with them) from Wednesday, November 19th (that’s today!) through Sunday, November 23rd.
  2. All business owners and managers who join during this time get their choice of a $500 gasoline rebate or a $500 fuel rebate.
  3. The yearly membership investment is reduced to $299 per year (save $598 from regular membership price).
  4. This means that people who sign up get their training free and $201 to eat or drive on us!

Here are all the juicy details I got in an email from Janet Walsh and Birchtree-HR:

Today’s economic uncertainty and slowing economy have hurt and continue to squeeze profits from many businesses.  How can you be competitive when the training budget is cut?

I’ll help you.  From November 19-23 I am giving you unlimited access to the Human Capital Show and the Profitability Channel training programs.  The Profitability Channel is the largest, on-line, on-demand, business training video library in the world.  All faculty hosts are nationally known business leaders, CPA’s, Financial Experts, Coaches, Sales Consultants, Marketing Experts, IT, Technical Experts and much more.  All 283+ shows are yours to watch anytime you wish.  You can spend a few hours and upgrade your personal skills, direct your employees to the site so they can upgrade their skills, help a charity of your choice train employees and managers for free or provide your family members with a competitive advantage.

As the Faculty host of the “Human Capital Show”, I will offer new business members a free, on line show, on an HR subject of your choice.  For an example of a collaborative program with our partner and client, Mountain States Employer’s Council, watch, “Workplace Bullying” with Ken Pinnock.  It’s a terrific program and has generated much feedback on our Blogs.

Most of you reading this will be eating lots of turkey this Thanksgiving.  Why not stuff yourself with knowledge as well as turkey and remain competitive in the economic market?

The Details:

All 282 programs are free from Wednesday, November 19, 2008 through Sunday, November 23, 2008.  To watch the programs in the library for free simply do the following:

Go to
Click the join button
Scroll to the bottom and put esp in the promo code space.

If you like what you see, join between now and November 23, you pay $299.00 for the year.  I will pay the balance of $598.00 on the full membership price of $897.00/yr.

When you join between now and November 23, I will also provide you with a $500.00 gas or grocery rebate coupon (check out or The $500 rebate certificate is only available until the November 23, 2008 free preview is over. When the preview ends, so does this special rebate.

When you join as a company, I’ll provide you with one, customized, Human Capital Show program of your choice.  Tell me what you want to see and we will work together to customize a training program for your company employees.

Three great offers to join, one free preview to experience the quality of the material and information.

In case you’re wondering, here are some of my best shows!

Live Interviews with your questions for key business leaders
DR. DAVE ULRICH, The World’s Most Influential HR Professional
DR. MARSHALL GOLDSMITH, World’s Greatest Business Coach

HR Strategy

What is Human Capital Financial Management?

Herman Trend Alert HR Business Trends
HR’s Role in Profitability

Enterprise Preparedness

Coping with the Gas Crisis

Staffing Programs
Search Strategies for Tough Economic Times

Effective Interviewing

Working with Volunteers

Extraordinary Staffing

Technology Recruitment

Impending Workforce Crisis

Benefits Programs
Managing Your Benefit Dollars
Maximize Your Benefits
Pension Plan Part 1
Pension Plan Part 2

State Incentive Programs

Gifts From the IRS

Coping with the Gas Crisis

Compensation Shows
How to Compensate Employees
Trends in Total Compensation

Improving Your Sales Compensation Plan

Training and Development Programs
Testing and Assessments-MSEC Best Practice

Tom Darrow and SHRM Atlanta Member Benefits
Workplace Bullying-MSEC Best Practice

Effective E-Learning

Workforce Development

Coaches and Coaching in the Workplace

Global HRM Programs

MSEC Global Workout Session
Expatriate Management

Immigration Issues

The Global 20(c)

Going Global

Relocation Issues

Technology and HR Programming

HRIS Systems
Integrating HR Technology

Social Networking
HR Contributions to IT

So, if you are interested, do this:

Go to
Click the join button
Scroll to the bottom and put esp in the promo code space.

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