Avoiding a Layoff – Great Tip to Avoid a Job Search

I saw a very cool point from Susan Ireland’s blog, where she links to a Vault video with advice on avoiding a layoff.  From Susan Ireland’s post:

Here’s a point I especially liked:

If you think your company might be heading for a round of lay-offs, sit down with your manager and ask what project is most important to the company right now. Then try to get involved in that project as your primary responsibility. If you’re working on something that’s of secondary importance to the survival of the company, you’re more likely to get laid off. If you’re working on a primary project, you’re less apt to be sent packing.

Brilliant! Here’s the video:


Thanks Susan Ireland!

3 thoughts on “Avoiding a Layoff – Great Tip to Avoid a Job Search”

  1. Great point. I personally buy into that concept wholeheartedly. I recall a recent blog post of my own where I addressed a stress filled financial organization who employs 8300 employees and was just purchased. Who would be the one’s to get axed? The ones who did not bring added value to the company.

    Thanks for the post and I am sure that this will help many people IF they choose to listen to the facts you presented.

    Darrin Grella

  2. Great post. Another way to avoid a being laid off is to offer to help out in departments other than your owen–if you can become the “utility infield player” then you may have more managers advocating that you be kept. When a company downsizes, someone who can wear multiple hats can be extremely valuable.

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