Thank You To Martha Sue Yeary and Anita Cohen-Williams

When I get on the road my best trips are the best because of people I meet.  I meet a lot of people, and love it while I’m out, but there are some people who go extra miles when I’m in town.  Not just the extra mile, but extra miles.

A few weeks ago in San Diego I was fortunate enough to meet two friends I’d met online, and had corresponded with, for probably over a year.  Meeting them in person was priceless.

Martha Sue Yeary is the creator of the B.I.O.N.I.C Golf Pro System, which you can learn about at Bionic Golf Pro. This was a rare trip where I didn’t get a rental car (and didn’t need THE LADY), and Martha offered to pick me up from the airport.  Getting picked up by a real golf pro?  That was a first. Almost made me feel like Guy Kawasaki 😉

I had lunch with her and learned about her business.  She is very, very passionate about teaching people to golf… people like me, who really have no business with golf.  Beyond that, she is passionate about helping people with disabilities learn and love golf.  She took me to the golf course where she teaches now, and showed me her awesome plans to expand what she’s doing.  If you want to talk to someone who is 1000% passionate about her mission in life, you need to talk to Martha.

Later, we had an informal LinkedIn get-together, and I was able to meet Anita Cohen-Williams.  Anita is an SEO professional who has a background in library sciences.  She is referred to as a cybrarian (librarian meets the cyber world), and has helped me a number of times as I look for things online.  Anita combines SEO skillz with her cybrarian training and a passion for social media and social marketing to help businesses get more value out of their online strategies.  It was great to chat with her, and get to know her better.  It’s amazing how well we can get to know one another online, but there’s something magical about getting to know someone in person.

Thank you, Anita and Martha, for making my San Diego trip special!

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1 thought on “Thank You To Martha Sue Yeary and Anita Cohen-Williams”

  1. Hey Jason …

    The pleasure was all mine! I was so excited about picking up a real live expert on how to make Linkedin hum like a silky engine … it was awesome! Funny how we both were thinking how grand an opportunity it was to meet someone we respect and honor from other fields! So appreciative for that time with you!

    Anyone reading this should note that Jason is a real live person … and he is truly a great person to meet in person. What that means is that his words on the Internet come to life when you meet him. It was great to get a hug and know that it was truly heart felt!

    Thanks again for all the tips. Now I just need to put them into action!

    I can’t wait for you to clear the time to look at golf for yourself. Actually, I’ve scheduled an Extreme Golf Challenge in Salt Lake City on October 27th … I’ll send you the particulars so you might want to sign up and play. Let’s see … it’s only 100 holes! A great way for you to get better by the end of the day!

    Wishing you the best “round of life” you could ever dream possible!

    Martha Sue Yeary
    LPGA Member
    B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf, Inc.
    B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf Pro, Inc.

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