JibberJobber on Fox News

Last week JibberJobber was the first thing mentioned on Fox News (My Fox Gulf Coast / Fox 10).  Here’s the description:

On Monday’s Daily Dot Com, Charissa Cowart shows you a website to help you organize your job search materials. She also tells you that you can find video memories of Yankee Stadium on the Yankees website. Check out the websites here.

Here’s a link to the clip (click on the image below):

Want to know how it happened?  I met Charissa Cowart on Twitter, we exchanged a few tweets, she checked out JibberJobber, and the rest is history. 

What, you say, Twitter is lame?  It worked pretty good this time 🙂  Thanks a bazillion Charissa!

3 thoughts on “JibberJobber on Fox News”

  1. That is an amazing success! It would be interesting to read any tips you have for Twitter. It is hard to know where to start when using it to network, what friends to tweet with when you know of no one already on twitter. Any tips on how to network with it?

  2. Hi CMOE,

    Here are some practical tips to getting started on Twitter:

    *Contemplate whether your personal brand will be your name or tag line. For example, Jason’s is @jasonalba but he could have chosen @jibberjobber.

    *Construct a very short bio that would be similar to your 30 second elevator pitch and tied to your personal brand. Photo is a must.

    *Start by following Jason and look who he is following and being followed by. Select those that resonate for personal or professional reasons.

    *Lastly use http://www.search.twitter.com and type in your personal and/or professional interests. Check out their Twitter bio for resonance.

    Have fun! You can follow me @carloshernandez.

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