JibberJobber One Thing – Do One Thing for Your Career Today

I had an idea a few days ago, and my mind has been spinning since.  Today I’m announcing Jibberjobber One Thing, which will help people who are interested in nurturing their careers, or even protecting their careers, and wondering what they can proactively do to salvage some idea of job security.

JibberJobber One Thing is a Yahoo Group (sign up here) that you can join to receive ONE email a day.  The email will have ONE suggestion of something you can do for your career that day.  It will be very, very short (one or two sentences) and actionable (something you can do that day).  I brainstormed dozens of ideas, and will get more from my partners.

The idea is NOT to overwhelm you, rather to give you bite-sized things you can do, or at least think about, to move your career management in a positive direction.

JibberJobber One Thing will mature, I’m sure, but for now I see it as a very simple, non-intrusive tool to help you do what you need to do. 

We’ll start sending the emails out on Wednesday, October 1, 2008.  You can sign up here, and unsubscribe whenever you want.

Cool idea?

This post is sponsored by JibberJobber.com.  If you are going to do ONE THING for your career today, you should sign up for JibberJobber.com, get your free account, and start to manage career relationships.  If you are in an active job search, use JibberJobber as your job search tracker, or job search spreadsheet, and track and organize your job search efforts.

16 thoughts on “JibberJobber One Thing – Do One Thing for Your Career Today”

  1. Awesome idea, Jason! We read and write about all kinds of things related to job-search and career development strategy, but the execution is what’s most important. I can see this being a great help to me in my own search.

  2. LOVE the way you think Jason. Another super useful idea. The job search landscape is changing so quickly, especially with social networking, virtual CV, etc. that without something like you propose, the average job seeker has no clue about the things that emerging as the best strategies. This is certainly timely with so many people with an unexpectedly urgent need for practical “what working now” job search/career information.

    Deb Dib

  3. Thanks Dan and Deb – I’m really jazzed about this and hope it doesn’t become overwhelming… ! I know the ideas, and execution of ANY of them, will be helpful to people 🙂

  4. You need to do a little customization on the underlying Yahoo Group. JibberJobber was not even in the link list. (I put it in.) And you’re missing an oppty to welcome folks who successfully sign up. IMHO you need some stuff added to it. ASAP?

  5. Thanks everyone, for the feedback! To John, I know there is work to be done… and I’ll get to it. Today I’m at a conference and wanted to get that Group up before I did this blog post – like I mentioned, it will mature over time.

  6. Love the One Thing concept Jason.

    In Nov 2007 for National Career Development Month, I wrote on one career activity per day for each of the 30 days. Feel free to share any of those.

    Check them out starting here.

    Will get into the Yahoo group as well.

  7. Hey, Jason, will you be looking for discussion of the daily items you post, and maybe for submission of daily items, or will this be more of a broadcast type list (from you to us)?

  8. @Marcia, thanks for the link, I’ll check those out. I’ve sent two One Thing emails (Oct 1 and Oct 2), and have received a lot of replies saying how cool the idea is.

    @Sophie – I don’t have the bandwidth to manage a group discussion, and want to keep spammers out, so for now it’s broadcast. I’ve been thinking about doing a JibberJobber Group, though, with discussion… thoughts?

  9. Jason, wouldn’t the JibberJobber group on LinkedIn be a good place for short discussions? On the other hand, more in-depth discussions might be better off on a blog-style platform.

    My particular interest these days is on the next step after job search. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’m in the initial phase at a new job, having been there only a few weeks, and I decided to do the next step after a reasonably well-run job search: I’m trying to learn from the experience, bring new or improved habits and tools into my day-to-day work process. I want these few months I spent sending resumes and answering questions to give me more than a different desk to work from.

    I’m very interested in discussing with other people the transitions from productive work to either dissatisfaction or unemployment, to job search, to new employment and renewed productivity. What do we learn from the process, beyond the immediate specifics of a job? What would we do differently, once we get a little hindsight? How do we prepare these transitions so they can be as painless and effective as possible?

    Yes, a lot has been written on job search and a lot has been written on career management. I’m interested in individual insights into the greater picture these fit in, and in the small tips and tricks that help us integrate the big insights into our life.

  10. what about a weekly BlogTalkRadio show about the past week’s worth of actions? Then everyone could discuss (on a roatating basis) the phases of job search and readjustment to steady work?

  11. @Sophie, interesting you bring that up… let me respond to Nancy first, and then back to you (since it all ties together)

    @Nancy, next week is our first radio show (I blogged about it today)… and the week after (now back to Sophie)

    … the week after we’ll have an expert on who specializes in what to do once you land the job. So glad you brought this topic up as it validates the need for it! Thanks!

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