Gravatar: How To Get Your Picture With Your Comment In This Blog

I was asked a few weeks back how to get your picture to show up next to your comment on this blog.  For example, if you look at yesterday’s post, you’ll see pictures for Karen Swim and myself, but no one else. 

Doing this once will impact not just this blog, but other blogs also.  When I commented on a TechCrunch post, I saw my picture come up automatically. 

All you do is go to (that is: globally recognized avatars), set up an account, put in your picture (this will be the one that shows up everywhere), and you are good to go!

It’s that simple, and will be recognized on blogs that tap into Gravatar.  The logic behind this is based on the e-mail address you use for your Gravatar account, AND the e-mail address you use when you leave a comment… if they are the same, your image should show up.  If you want to comment anonymously, don’t put your e-mail address.

Need more info on Gravatar?  Check out this info from their blog, linking to a Chris Pirillo screencast.

Cool, eh? Head on over, put your picture up and then leave a comment, so I (we) can see what you look like 🙂

63 thoughts on “Gravatar: How To Get Your Picture With Your Comment In This Blog”

  1. Jason,

    Thanks for the tip!

    I HIGHLY URGE everyone to sign up for a gravatar. I just went to sign up for one and my email address was already taken!

    Fortunately with the “forget your password?” feature I was able to access my account (they sent a link to my email account so I could change the password).

    Gravatar is great but another opportunity for identity theft!!

    Buona notte,


  2. Jason, when you get a chance: which WP plugin do you use for Gravatar? It looks like there are several. Thanks!

  3. Cool, Jason! Thanks

    I went to add the plug in to my blog, but it said it was for WordPress 1.2. My blog is up to the current release which is 2.6.3 so, I don’t know if that is such a good idea.

    Anyway, thanks for the tip!

    Warm Regards,

  4. Thanks Jason. An easy tip. I’m not yet comfortable in putting up photos in career management sites though (such as LinkedIn). It still doesn’t feel right to me that someone would have the ability to use a face to judge a potential hire prior to interview.

    I’m perfectly comfortable with placing my photo on Facebook and Yelp though.

    Any have a thought on that?

  5. Thanks, Jason. I had set this up on a few other sites, but now Ihave it where I can be more readily seen. You are a big help!


  6. cool to see you all putting your gravatars up! Just remember, if you use your email addy that is tied to your gravatar, the image will show up, even if you don’t put your name or a website 🙂

    @DavidLeech – interesting question… I personally think you should put the image on LI, as it makes you more personable… I wrote on my LinkedIn blog on how recruiters could avoid the issue, but I doubt many do it. It’s obviously a personal choice, but just putting it anywhere is like, imho, putting it everywhere.

  7. I’m hoping this works – I can;t believe the great tools that are free on the web, your blog included – thank you – I’ll cook my favourite Gordon Ramsay meal, and post you a virtual slice.

    thanks for the heads up, I feel smarter already!

  8. It certainly is good to have.

    Marking my territory. Feel free to see the man behind the blog, and perhaps have a look at some food.

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