eGuerrilla Job Search Techniques “When The Economy Sucks”

Jim Stroud is a thought-leader in the recruiting/sourcing space, and recently did a presentation on “how to find a job when the economy sucks.”  I just checked out the three blog posts he did to document his presentation and found some cool ideas that I hadn’t heard of, or thought about before.  It figures, he’s the though leader in this space!

Do yourself a favor and check out these three short posts.  Jim certainly expanded my vision, especially regarding what a job seeker should do with technology in a job hunt:

Let me know what you think!  One thing to consider as you read this, Jim Stroud teaches recruiters and sourcers how to find the right candidates.  His techniques are very heavy on technology (search engines, job boards, etc.), so his perspective helps a job seeker optimize his/her chance of being found by a recruiter who uses technology to find candidates.

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