Viewing Last Night, Happy Funeral Today

Today I’m at a happy funeral. This is the funeral for my wife’s grandma, who lived a rich, full life.  It’s a celebration of her life.

I worked at a funeral home when I was first married and did everything except embalm for a little more than a year.  I saw plenty of sad funerals.

The one thing I hope to leave with you today is how valuable your relationships are.

Today… hug someone special.

Tell the you love them.

Call that long-lost friend.

Figure out how to forgive a grudge and start to move on.

Do something, because you don’t want to sit at a funeral wishing that you would have.

2 thoughts on “Viewing Last Night, Happy Funeral Today”

  1. Hey Jason,
    I wanted to extend my condolences. As well, I want to express my appreciation for this wonderful post. This is a wonderful way to honor for your wife’s grandmother – and terrific reminder for the rest of us!
    Warm regards,

  2. @Walter – thank you. I think leaving behind a rich legacy is a beautiful thing, and we are all tasked with leaving behind a positive legacy (and carrying forth those left behind before us).

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