Volunteer With “Read This To Me,” A Service For The Blind

I signed up as a volunteer for Read This To Me over a year ago, and wanted to share this opportunity with you. It’s pretty simple, you just sign up and anytime someone who is blind or low-vision needs help reading something, they go through a process to notify all of the volunteers.

Whoever calls the person back first, ready to read to them, just gets the job done. More info at the FAQ page.

It’s a very cool service, and makes excellent use of Internet technology and good old fashioned humanity.

If you are looking to create some good karma, or have been looking for a good cause to put a few minutes of work in per week (or month – the volume is pretty low), here’s your chance. This is the kind of good-deed opportunity that makes the world go round.

Who knows, you might even make a friend 🙂

More information at the Read This To Me website. Kudos to Kevin Savetz, of Savetz Publishing, who founded the operation.

2 thoughts on “Volunteer With “Read This To Me,” A Service For The Blind”

  1. Jason, thanks for the post. This seems like a great opportunity. In working in the assistive technology field, I have a great appreciation for these types of services. We work with people who are blind and low-vision everyday I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to see how the services we provide make such a difference. Enabling and empowering.

    Tige Nishimoto

  2. @Tige, I wish I had a list of other opportunities like this. The thing I like about this is that it requires practically nothing from the volunteer (do it at your house, over the phone).

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