I Just Got Fired!

For a while I’ve wanted to do a simple presentation to share what JibberJobber is, who I am, where we came from, etc.

I took some time to try and come up with something creative, captivating, interesting, and helpful… and came up with this:

If you want to put this on your own blog, or website, I’d love that. Simply click on embed on the bottom left of the slideshare screen and you’ll see a bunch of code to copy over to your site/blog – and huge thanks in advance!

I’d love to know what you think!

15 thoughts on “I Just Got Fired!”

  1. I like it Jason. I would love to hear the presentation being made in person too. It would be an interesting pitch.

    I love the hits on HR too. 😉

  2. Thanks Lance – it was fun to put together. Hm, in person – what an interesting thought! I should read it out loud and see what it sounds like!

    Hits on HR? I have no idea what you are talking about 😉

  3. The ‘2 voices’ approach is rather effective with the bold, black text being what you might say out loud, and then the more subtle text underneath representing more of a thought process. Elegant and simple. Very nice approach.

    The only growth point I can contribute is to trim if you can, down to around 30 slides, to accommodate the attention span of the average viewer.

    Looking forward to more like this!

    Tige Nishimoto

  4. i just decided to try out your tool after hearing about it via the Career Distinction website/book(s). Your slideshow is great, and so is the concept – CRM for career management, what a cool idea!

    i’m in the process of being downsized/restructured/”rightsized” (*gag*) and i’m thinking of giving up having a boss and striking out on my own… so this will be most helpful!
    with kind regards, Dr. Lorraine Tilbury

  5. Tige, thank you for the comment… 30ish is the goal… I’m a long-winded guy but you are right. The attention span wins.

    Mamanpc – very cool that you came across JibberJobber 🙂 🙂 I’m glad to have you here, and will be excited to hear more about your journey!

  6. Jason, I loved the simplicity of your slideshow. I think we’re often overwhelmed by bells and whistles online. The uniqueness of it helped me learn things about JibberJobber that I didn’t know before.

    I loved the “this slideshow was created by someone with no creativity…” on the first slide. LOL.



  7. Hey, Jason! You already know I love the slideshow and am putting on my site. Just want to say that I thought it wasn’t too long — it was so fascinating it held my attention. I wonder if the 30 slides suggested is too “short a time” to build the NOt like there is a lot to read on each slide, and they really takes us through the evolution of you and JJ> It’s an inspiring story that may need “extra time” to build to the very satisfying and inspiring conclusion.


  8. Jason,

    I think each time I hear you tell this story you get better telling it! I appreciate what you have done, and the product JibberJobber has become.

    Keep up the good work, my friend. And don’t worrk about theose HR comments – they mean nothing to you now!


  9. Great job, Jason. I love the simple design and the conversational tone. Here’s something for you to consider…

    I believe there are plenty of job seekers and workers out there who DON’T KNOW what “Relationship Management” means. They know they should keep track of whom they spoke to when, what they said, what they need to do next, how to reach the person for follow-up, who else they know, etc.

    But if they don’t realize that’s called “Relationship Management,” or that that’s what “CRM Tools” do, they could watch this presentation and not realize JibberJobber could help them.


  10. Reply to Julie — wow, sometimes the obvious is not. Brilliant suggestion on simplifying CRM to a description for the job seeker who doesn’t know CRM is what it means to keep track of stuff. I’m going to keep the audience far more in mind when I do my work!

    Deb Dib

  11. I love the 2 voice observation… rather than reading it out loud to your self you might want to consider voicing this over… male dominant bold voice and soft female inner voice?

    Great job! Very captivating.

  12. What an innovative approach!

    A great way to combine your personal history, the genesis of JJ and it’s value into an engaging story.

    The dual voice aspect is cool! I hope you haven’t patented it so that we can all use it 🙂

  13. Jason, I love the presentation, it is fresh, modern, good job mate.
    I also love the way you put the positive vibe in the whole idea. Very inspiring.

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