“Resume Forensics – How to find resumes on the internet” by Jim Stroud

There are a few people in the recruiting space who are, well, famous. Jim Stroud is one of them. In the last two years I’ve found him to be known and respected by his peers, and I know why. The guy is a gentleman… a class-act. I’ve had the fortune of bumping into him online and even on a podcast, and I genuinely like the guy.

When Jim speaks, people listen. And I want to share a recent project of his with you. This will cost you nothing but your time.

Jim wrote a book which he plans to get published and sell, but for now you can download it for free from this blog post.

At first I thought “Resume Forensics” was a forensic examination of resumes by a recruiter. In other words, what a recruiter sees when they look at resumes.

But when I opened the PDF I realized it was something completely different (I admit, I don’t read the subtitles, which would have given it away). Jim Stroud’s book is teaching recruiters and sourcers how to find … YOU.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because you should know what tricks and techniques recruiters and sourcers use to find the right candidate.

Understanding what they do can help you be found!

The book has a bunch of gems… from an acronym finder website (brilliant) to how to find talent on YouTube
to how to use blogs to find talent… I strongly encourage you to download this and sift through it to see what YOU can do to optimize your chance of being found.

Jim, thanks for sharing! Maybe one day I’ll share the ultra secret book on Job Seekers Secrets :p

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