Happy Birthday To JibberJobber… and Buy-One-Year-Get-One-Year-Free!

image props to iconceptbiz: https://www.iconceptbiz.com/watch.asp?hw_id=114‘Tis the season to celebrate another anniversary for JibberJobber (May 15th)! We’re celebrating all week with news and announcements, so stay tuned!

Today we are kicking it off with an announcement for a buy-one-year-get-one-year-free special. Through midnight, May 19th (that is in one week) you can upgrade for $99 and get 24 months of premium features. This means that each month will cost just $4.13, instead of $9.95.

This special is good for EVERYONE, except those who already upgraded to the lifetime level. If you are paying on a subscription level (monthly, 3-months, 6-months, etc.) you can either terminate your subscription (see the FAQ page, towards the bottom), or just keep paying and these 24 months will simply be added to your account.

If you are not a lifetime premium user, you’ll see this link once you login:

With that… let me thank YOU for the last two years. Many of you know where I came from, and have watched JibberJobber grow into what it is today (more on that throughout the week). You have watched the Jason Alba brand evolve into something that is much bigger than Jason-Alba-the-person. I’m flattered and honored by the personal e-mails and notes of encouragement that I receive from so many of you, and when the going gets tough, I think of my champions who are watching and cheering for me.

The last two years have been … exciting! fun! eventful! I’m really looking forward to the future, as it’s only going to get better!

Stay tuned throughout the week for the two year anniversary news and announcements!

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