Today I Bought US News Because I’m In It

A full page… it’s pretty cool. The article is the same one that was posted online a few weeks ago (you can see it here).

The picture, which is pretty big, is the result of about two hours of picture-taking in Santa Rosa (where I grew up). It isn’t the picture that I would have picked for me, as I think it makes me look like a weirdo-chump, but hey, I’m happy with what I got! And the photographer didn’t have much to work with πŸ˜‰

Anyway, thank YOU a gazillion for your support… this is another awesome part of JibberJobber history!

Oh yeah, it’s the edition dated May 12, on page 55.

6 thoughts on “Today I Bought US News Because I’m In It”

  1. Very, very exciting for you Jason! I posted a comment on the article site. You deserve every success — enjoy the rush!

    Deb Dib, JibberJobber partner and Jason Alba fan / evangelist πŸ™‚

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