The Power of a Power Connector (and which power connectors are right for you)

lonny_guldenI remember reading about power connectors in Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone a couple of years ago. Last January I blogged about it, stating that I wanted to become a power connector. You can read my thoughts (and Ferrazzi’s ideas on which professions are naturally inclined to be power connectors) here.

This week, as I’ve given nine presentations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, I’ve talked about connecting with people on LinkedIn…. who should you connect with? Are you a LION (LinkedIn Open Networker), connecting with anyone who invites you?

Or are you more conservative, and try and keep a tight network, connecting only with people you “know and trust?”

Even though Keith Ferrazzi wasn’t talking about LinkedIn, I found the power of being connected to a power connector this week. Here’s what happened.

A few weeks ago I announced to the My LinkedIn Power Forum that I was coming to Minneapolis, and wondered if anyone knew of any career transition networks I could speak at.

It just so happens that Lonny Gulden is in the Minneapolis area… and Lonny is a power connect. He is a recruiter, goes to a lot of networking events, and has over 5,000 connections. And he set me up with most of my presentations.

These presentations were sometimes standing-room-only. I pretty much sold all the books I brought for my conference (which starts tomorrow!), and introduced JibberJobber to over 200 people. This trip has been very successful for me.

How was it that Lonny could get me into the right places?

Because he has a lot of connections, both online and offline.

He has a strong brand as a power networking, living giver’s gain, and has built a lot of relationship capital with people. Everyone knows that if Lonny can help you, or make an introduction for you, he will.

He is very networked (online and offline) in this area.

He also networks, as a recruiter, with the groups that I want to get in front of.

He has focused on expanding his network with an geographic emphasis, as well as an interest (career/transition).

And this was very beneficial to me, since I’m connected to him.

Even if you are a conservative connector on LinkedIn, I suggest you look for some power connectors who may bring you great value because of who they focus on… which might be geographic-, profession-, or industry-based.

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  1. Lonny Gulden is the Chief Connections Officerâ„¢ in Minneapolis – St. Paul area.
    He may be the best networked person here in the Twin Cities. Anyone who values networking, should be LinkedIn to Lonny.

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