Hear Me Today on Federal News Radio with Mark Amtower

Today at noon MST (2pm EST) you’ll be able to hear me on an hour-long radio show where Mark Amtower interviews me about I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???

Mark is no networking novice, nor is he new to LinkedIn. In fact, as I’ve gotten to know him I’m really impressed with what he has accomplished – he’s a master of publicity, and accomplished author, a speaker, consultant, etc.

And I networked my way into this relationship (maybe networking does work?)!

You can listen live today, just go to this page and you’ll find a button to “listen live.” If you miss it, on Monday it will be in the audio archive area….

Jason Alba and Mark Amtower on the LinkedIn book - I\'m on LinkedIn -- Now What???

This was another fun interview – thanks for the opportunity Mark!