How’d You Score That Gig?

My friend Alexandra Levit has done it again… her new book just hit Amazon and it’s what I would call a must-buy. I got a copy of it a few weeks back and loved it. In this book she explores a number of different jobs and how real people got them. Tons of awesome information no matter where you are at in your career.

And right now How’d You Score That Gig is only $10.20 on Amazon!

In eight chapters, and over three hundred pages, Alexandra shares how to score gigs whether you are an aspiring adventurer, creator, data head, entrepreneur, investigator, networker, or nurturer. Don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, or wondering how to get there? This is the book for you!

This isn’t Alexandra’s first book – she also wrote They Don’t Teach Corporate In College, which has some fantastic reviews on Amazon!

If you are concerned about the special pricing on Amazon, since it will force you to pay shipping, make sure you buy another book. I think my Facebook or LinkedIn book might just complete your package and qualify you for free shipping 🙂

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  1. Hey Jason, thanks for the heads up on this book! My daughter is in the Honors College at SUNY Albany and trying to choose a major –she’s interested in so many things, is paralyzed by so many choices, and tends to over think it all. I ordered the book right away (both of them, actually) and I’m hoping this will give her some cool ideas. Being my daughter, you’d think she’d avail herself of my network of coaches and career counselors, but of course that’s not gonna happen 🙂

    Deb Dib, CEO Coach and JibberJobber partner

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