Thom Singer’s 66 Tips for Better Networking (the complete list!)

Thom Singer - Networking expert, author, speaker and moreThom Singer is one of my favorite people. He is an author, speaker, super networker, motivator, and all-around cool guy. His daughter had the same (or a very similar) surgery that I had back in 1973/1974, and Thom and his wife have dedicated a portion of their speaking earnings to raising money for a foundation in his daughter’s name.

Thom is… everything that I wish Keith Ferrazzi was. Approachable, nice, and talks to the “little people,” like me.

Without further ado, here’s Thom’s EXCELLENT list of better networking posts. The images to the right are Thom’s books, linked to Amazon for more information.

Congrats Thom, for finishing this huge series. I knew you would finish it but I still thought you were crazy for biting off such a big project!

8 thoughts on “Thom Singer’s 66 Tips for Better Networking (the complete list!)”

  1. Outstanding work, Thom, and thanks, Jason for pulling it all together. A couple of observations/comments:

    #57 – Overall, I agree, but there’s a time and place for depth. I know of at least a couple of power networkers who have taken this to such an extreme that people joke about it. As Einstein said, “Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

    #6 – There’s an online equivalent of this for those of us who a) don’t do business locally and b) don’t read the paper. It works just as well to send a congratulatory note when someone you know in, say, Utah is featured in, say, US New and World Report.

    #2 – Some of us don’t and still make it work. Personally, I prefer to save a tree. When I meet someone, only one of us actually needs the contact info of the other person. That doesn’t work for everybody, I suppose. I really look forward to the day when we can both pull out our PDA and just beam our contact info to each other. Actually, I suppose that day is here, it’s just not quite as simple as exchanging business cards yet. Clever idea for a PDA — the one-button “beam your contact info”.

  2. Jason-

    Thanks for the kind words. The list of 66 took me 10 1/2 months to complete, but I enjoyed the project.

    Also, your readers should look back again today, as I added #67….”Always Give A Little More Than Expected”

    Have A Great Day


  3. I thought I would pick out my favorites and then realized there were too many favorites. Found myself saying “Yes” to all of them.

    When it comes to networking, I keep in mind what my Jamaican mother used to say – “When the hand is open to give, it is also open to receive.” You have to be willing to share and play nice!

    Love the list and will share with readers on my Career Reentry blog!



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