Voting Results, My Virus, US News & World Report

Three things to share today. I’ve been struggling with a computer virus since last night and it’s really killing me. I forgot how much I hated viruses (I used to be an IT Manager and babysit an office full of PC’s). Today I even got the blue screen of death, which I probably haven’t seen on my own computer for over ten years!

(I know, a mac will solve all my problems… I know).

take the survey!So, let me share something about the voting on JibberJobber’s rebranding. It is NECK-AND-NECK! I didn’t realize how close it would be, I thought that one was the clear leader… but this is a real contest! VOTE NOW since it closes tonight!

US News & World Report & JibberJobberAnd, about US News & World Report. This comes from the Jason is bragging department… I had an interview a few weeks ago with Elaine Appleton Grant for about an hour. I’ve done interviews for “about an hour” before, only to see a half-sentence attributed to me in the final writeup. This was different. This article blew me away – not only did it cover so much ground, it, well, was mostly about what I’m doing! How cool is that?

How did I score that interview? Through networking. In fact, it was through a second degree contact, which means Elaine is a third degree contact from me. See, it gets really interesting once you get to that third and fourth degree! Let me give a huge shoutout to my buddy Mike Murray, who was that first degree contact who made this all happen – thank you Mike!!

4 thoughts on “Voting Results, My Virus, US News & World Report”

  1. Excellent article!! My goodness that is exposure. The next thing you will be telling us is that you are a contributer for CNN or MSNBC. I will just turn my television on there you will be talking to people about social networking, branding, Linkedin, and JibberJobber!!! You go Jason! Have a phenomenal day today!!

    A fan!
    Interview Guru

  2. hmmm… Does Keith Olberman accept nomination for experts… there is a viral plan in the cloud somewhere to be found!

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