LinkedIn meeting in Silicon Valley – Expecting 20 People and …

John Harper - real estate and internet marketing expertI’m having a blast in Silicon Valley. I’m totally wiped out – I really wasn’t prepared for the high-energy culture there is here. Not that I’m lazy, but we’ll go for a solid 10-12 hours each day, with about two or three presentations each day, and meals with friends. I didn’t realize how much mental energy it takes to be “on” this long, all week long.

Tomorrow is the last day, which starts with breakfast at 8:30 and ends with a dinner around 5pm, right before I get dropped off at the airport. I fly into Salt Lake after midnight on Friday night. This trip has been absolutely packed. Thanks for being patient with me this week on blog posts!

I wanted to share a link to a blog post from John Harper, who attended my presentation last night. Mitchell, my publisher, said to expect about 20 – 40 people at this meeting. There were over 100 in attendance. The hostess was concerned that we wouldn’t have enough room – so I’ll consider that “sold out!”

I really appreciate this line from John Harper, who is an expert in all-things-Internet-marketing:

It was really one of the best events I have been to in a while – well worth the drive down and the time invested.

With that, I’m going to bed – I’ll probably post again on Monday, when I’m back in the office!

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