Awesome New Features In JibberJobber!

Here are some much-requested new features that have been added for premium members (well, there’s one for everyone)… this is very exciting! I’ll do videos on each of these, but wanted to do a quick post for now to let you know they are available!

The Calendar

Finally! I’ve had a career expert after me for over a year, asking when the calender would be in the system! Well, it got put in last night. It’s there, and it’s cool, and yes, there are plans to make it better and cooler. I’m really, really excited to have the calendar in JibberJobber, and I know that it will be a major enhancement for premium members.

JibberJobber has a calendar!

Get Anagram on add Company

With a little nudge and encouragement from Tom Kenny, we finally put the Anagram feature into the “add company” page. It’s been in the “add contact” page for over a year. This is for ALL members, regular or premium.

Get Anagram on add company

MultiTags on your records

This is really, really exciting, and will be followed by the MultiComment. This is basically a way to pick multiple records (contacts or jobs) and either add new tags, or manage tags.

putting multiple tags on multiple records

There’s more on our long list, and our short list, I’m just giddy because I didn’t expect to see some of this stuff for another month!

What would you like to see? Feel free to comment here, or e-mail me, and I’ll make sure it’s on the list!

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  1. Jason, thanks for the recognition on my feature request! The new My Calendar feature is fantastic! I’ll certainly try it out and I’ll provide feedback if I have any suggestions. I’m very glad to see the commitment you and your team are making to improve JibberJobber. Thanks!

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