Blogosphere Roundup – Excellent Stuff For You

I have a backlog of stuff to write about but there are too many awesome posts that I want to point you to.

Scott Allen - the consummate LinkedIn expertScott Allen

Scott Allen guest posts on Dave Mendoza’s Six Degrees blog, 15 Creative Ways Recruiters Can Use Professional Networking Sites. Once again, Scott hits it out of the park. Scott is talking to recruiters, which I love. Why? Because I think recruiters need to know this stuff as much, or more, than YOU do. Also, I love sharing all of this recruiter training with you, so you know what the people you should be partnering with (yes, recruiters should be your partners and network contacts) are hearing and learning. Here are just four of the fifteen tips (read the entire post, it’s worth your time):

4. Media exposure and publicity
5. Become a media outlet
9. Competitive intelligence
10. Peer benchmarking

Kevin Donlin - Get Hired Now! Resume writer and job search expertKevin Donlin

I like Kevin a lot. He has a great newsletter that I’ve been on for a while, and is one of the first to use video in evangelizing his message. I absolutely love the e-mail that landed in my inbox today, you can get the full story on his blog. Basically he lays out how YOU can get a job very quickly, with two phones. This story is inspiring and almost made me want to look for a job again (read the entire (short) post here)… an excerpt:

“The script I followed on the phone went like this: ‘Hi, my name is Dave Segall and I got your name from XX. I was working at Y Company until recently as an Assistant Credit Manager. I’m calling to see if you had any opportunities at your firm.’”

Segall say: “If I got voicemail instead of a live person, I would add: ‘I’d like to speak with you; my cell phone number is 212-XXX-XXXX.’ That way, I could get callbacks while calling out on my regular phone.”

What where Segall’s results? (ha ha, you’ll have to read the entire post here)

Jacob Share - Israel job search expertJacob Share

Jacob is one of my favorite geographic job bloggers, serving the Israel job market (they have a very hot tech sector, by the way). He’s in touch with all that happens over there in the career space. Even though he only gave JibberJobber a “C” (iirc), I still like him 😉 In a recent post he talks about one of my favorite people, legendary Lorelle VanFossen, and her comments about blogging:

“Who are you blogging for? yourself, first and foremost.”

What did she mean?

“your blog is your resume”.

When you put your name on a public document, you’re telling the world about yourself. In the case of a blog, you’re also saying what you’re capable of. You’re marketing yourself. You’re branding yourself.

Turns out I’m not the only one that thinks that blogging is good for your personal brand, and setting yourself apart from the rest of the resume pile! Read the entire post here.

Pamela Slim, super blogger at Escape from Cubible NationPamela Slim

Pam has helped thousands of people work through their issues and dreams and “escape from cubicle nation.” She has such a genuine style and a lot of real personal experience. Her post from yesterday hit’s my top five favorites, as she lays out 5 business ideas just waiting for an entrepreneur … like you? She doesn’t just list them, she describes them in a way that you can understand what you are getting into. If you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body you need to read this, now! Here are the five things, but read her post to get the meat:

    1. Independent Benefits Adviser for the Wannabe Entrepreneur
    2. Accountant and Financial Adviser for People with Less than Perfect Financial Histories
    3. Marketing Expert for Introverted Software Developers
    4. Blog Graphic Designer for the Technically Clueless Professional
    5. Marketing Specialist for Craftspeople Who Sell at Local, Regional and International Art Shows

There you go, nothing original from me but these are some gems that I loved finding!

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  1. Hey, it’s only fair to mention that I gave JibberJobber a “C” almost a year ago and you guys have come a long way since then 🙂 I’ll have to take another test drive on JobMob soon…

    Thanks for the mention, Jason.


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