The Day After Veterans Day – Giving Back To Those That Serve

Soldiers PrayingMany of you know that I have a special program dedicated to soldiers, marines, sailors and other servicemen/women who are returning from deployment. Why? Because I can. No red tape here. If someone is deployed they get 30 months of premium JibberJobber for free. This assumes they will be gone for 18 months, and gives them an additional 12 months once they are back (whether they are really gone for 18 months or not, I don’t care – they still get 30 months of premium services). More information at JibberJobber for the Troops.

In addition, I am working with a program to also donate premium services to the Wounded Warriors (this is an official non-profit organization). I’m really excited about this program because these people have given more than their time, they’ve given limbs and future health. From what I’ve read, they aren’t getting much back from our government (at least not what they should be getting), and I’ve always wanted to contribute. This is not much, it’s hardly anything, but it’s what I can do right now. More information on that coming in the next few months.

I am currently looking for corporate sponsors to assist with the JibberJobber for the Troops program (I am not a non-profit). The Wounded Warriors is also looking for sponsors (in addition to JibberJobber services they are providing the Wounded Warriors with career coaching, resume services and more). I am also looking for other programs to support these servicemen/women (not just in the U.S.) – if you have any contacts at various organizations that would/could use these services, please let me know.

Please contact me if you know anyone or any companies that can contribute to either of these programs.

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  1. Not to nit-pick, but, can you also please remember the US Air Force (we’re not just “other service members”) … ??? I’m a USAF vet, a VP of Communications for my local AFA (Air Force Assoc), and very proud to have served during the “Cold War” – an even more forgotten war than Korea, it seems.

    There are many vets out there, yet, no one seems to remember the US Air Force … sad … guess it’s ’cause we got “the job” and not “the adventure” … ???

    Thanks for listening. It just touched me that way this morning …

  2. Steve, no problem it includes anyone really, I’m not a veteran and I don’t have the entire list down (I didn’t even realize that “troops” excluded certain branches). My father in law just retired from the Air Force, so it’s certainly close to me.

  3. It’s the price we pay for only being 60 years old. No one thinks of the US Air Force, except when there is an air show, or they need protective cover (air support). Then, well, it’s great to have us around.


    I’m working on the Newsletter for our AFA Chapter, and surfing a bit on the web, and this post caught my eye. I’ve been thinking about what could be done to help you and your offer to our fighting men and women, which I must add is very, very, generous. I’ll think/noodle on this and get back to you directly, OK?

    I am also a Milblogger with two blogs dedicated to the US Air Force. I also founded and moderate an official LinkedIn group for retired, separated, and active duty US Air Force personnel – USAFNetwork. We provide other members who have served in the USAF access to each others personal networks and then extend that reach to their families.

    We need to stick together in the US Air Force. Those who have been in the US Air Force have seen that other branches stick together all the time. Army looks out for Army, Marines, well, they’re very close, and the Navy looks out as well. Yet, they rarely look out for the other … that’s OK … but, no one in the US Air Force actually, bonds, to one another.

    I decided to forge that bond, within the LinkedIn network of folks … our membership grows at a slow pace due to the “weak tie” fear LinkedIn has instilled in its user base. Therefore, I am unable to seek out members for my group in any aggressive form. When, in actuality, we all have a stronger tie than others with large networks – we fought together for the freedoms so many hold dear – and take for granted.

    I’ll contact you once an idea pops into my head that’ll help you with this program for our fighting men and women! 🙂

    Take care, Jason!

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