Want To Blog? Better? Thom Allen Shares 31 Excellent Tips!

Thom Allen is Digital ThomMy buddy Thom Allen is doing a really cool month-long series on Build a Better Blog. His points are excellent, and applicable whether you are thinking about blogging for your personal brand, business marketing, SEO/SMO, etc. Check out what he has so far:

Day 1: Reduce, if not cut out, your blogroll

Day 2: Tell Me What You Are All About

Day 3: De-cluttering Your Blogs Sidebar

Day 4: Use An Easy To Navigate Blog Theme

Day 5: Linking Is The Name Of The Game

Day 6: Posting Comments On Other Blogs

Day 7: Thank Those Who Comment On Your Blog

Day 8: Creating Relevant Categories And Tags For Your Posts

Day 9: Be Courteous To Your Fellow Bloggers

Day 10: Make Sure Your Blog Is Mobile Compliant

Day 11: Linking To Your Archive Posts

Day 12: How Do I Subscribe To Your Blog?

Day 13: Announcing Your New Blog Post

Day 14: Create A Blog Posting Schedule

Day 15: Write A Series On Your Favorite Subject

Day 16: Give Your Blog Readers A Way To Contact You

Day 17: Use Social Networks To Build A Blog Brand

Day 18: Prevent Blogging Disaster, Back It Up

Day 19: Keep Your Blog Posts Unique

Day 20: Stay The Course, And Don’t Give Up

Day 21: Use Your Site Stats To Write A Better Blog

Day 22: Create Catchy Blog Titles That Beg To Be Read

Day 23: Get Your Blog Readers Involved, Hold A Contest

Day 24: Decide Your Blogs Domain Now Rather Than Later

Day 25: Sweat Your Blogs Details

Day 26: Blogging For Love Or Money

Day 27: Protect Your Blogs Content

Day 28: Thank A Blogger For Linking To You

Day 29: Create A Sticky 404 Page (I updated this Nov 2)

Day 30: Keep Comment Spam From Burdening Your Blog (I updated this Nov 2)

Day 31: (check back later for an update)

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