Personal Branding Telesummit – Mark Your Calendars!

Personal Branding Telesummit - a Brand You WorldMy conference season is ended… kind of! There’s one event that I’m excited for, and want to share with you. Best of all, it’s free (thanks to Conference Calls Unlimited for the sponsorship!) and convenient (just a phone call away).

It’s called the Personal Branding Telesummit. On November 8th at 10am EST, lasting 12 hours, you’ll be able to tap into any of the following content streams (all with a flavor of personal branding):

Career Management

Talent Management


Now, you may have noticed that … gulp, I’m speaking! That’s not really why I’m posting about this event, though! I have been involved in putting this telesummit together with dozens of personal branding experts from around the globe, looking for speakers, sponsors, etc. before I found out I would be a speaker! I’m not sure how that all came down, but I am quite honored to be on this list of amazing people. Here’s who you’ll hear from on any of the calls that you choose to be on:

Jason Alba – one of the most amazing… um… JUST KIDDING! It’s just me, silly!!

William Arruda – Author of Career Distinction, personal branding pioneer and founder of Reach CC

Dick Bolles – The legendary career expert who has sold gazillions of books helping you figure out what color your parachute is

Anita Bruzzese – Syndicated columnist for USA Today and dozens of papers, author of 45 Things, blogger, and really classy person. Did I mention friend?

Silvia Cambié – I don’t know her … yet!

Krishna De – blogger, podcaster, personal branding expert… very knowledgeable and a huge driving force behind this conference

Kirsten Dixson – Author of Career Distinction, and personal branding pioneer and of course, friend 🙂

Stewart Emery – I don’t know Stewart just yet…

Phil Gerbyshak – Spoke at SOBcon last year and was phenominal. Author, blogger, friend – this is one you won’t want to miss

T Scott Gross – motivational speaker and someone I’d like to get to know…

Neville Hobson – a UK blogger/podcaster that I don’t know… yet

Thebe Ikalafeng – one of South Africa’s top 10 thought leaders on marketing and branding … I need to get to know this guy also!

John Jantsch – from the famous Duct Tape Marketing… man, how I’d like to get to know him better!

Catherine Kaputa – founder of SelfBrand, I’ve been trying to get on her radar for a while…

Guy Kawasaki – the legend, who I’ll see in person next week as he presents in Salt Lake City for JUST $10! (thanks Jeremy!)

Andrea Kay – career and workplace expert and columnist

Liz Ryan – owner of AskLizRyan, with around 30,000 members on her e-mail forum

David Meerman Scott – another someone I need to get to know!

Andy Sernovitzhe unknowningly pushed me to get my book done and published – I’m indebted forever!

Debbie Weil – the corporate blogging expert who wrote… what else? The Corporate Blogging Book !

Susan Whitcomb – a JibberJobber partner and a leader in the career coaching space

Carol Wilson – the coach for the coach, I don’t know her… yet

Martin Yate – I met him last month in Savannah, Georgia, and we had about 30 minutes of private time where we shared some incredible wisdom with me. I’m a huge fan, and have about 5 of his books right by my desk!

What a great lineup – this is a live event, all you do is register here, and then call into the sessions that you are most interested in! More information at the website.

Seriously, this is one event that you should take advantage of… !

13 thoughts on “Personal Branding Telesummit – Mark Your Calendars!”

  1. Hi Jason,

    Well, I can tell you how you got selected – you rock! Between your ground-breaking career-management tool and your timely how-to book “I’m on LinkedIn…Now What?”, your brand represents the finest in career and business-development services around – hands down. As the co-leader of the Career Management Stream. adding you to the stellar list of speakers was an easy decision. So glad you’re on board!

  2. Bonjour Jason,

    Coming to you from Paris where I have told so many people about your book that they are looking forward to hearing you “live”. And I just found out myself that I will be on one of the panels talking about The Bio – What it is, Where to Use It (online and offline) and What to Say. I’m a huge advoacte of the Bio and feel it is a “must have” in your personal brand tool kit.

    I look forward to the 2007 Global Telesummit: A Brand You World and joining you and the other distinguished speakers.

    A bien tot!

  3. Hey Jason!

    I agree with Susan: you rock! Not only for your career toolset and your book, but also for your thought leadership, your ability to build relationships, and your knack for inspiring others … well okay, the book helped too 🙂

    Thanks for a great post on this great event!

  4. Wendy – a grilling? Bring it on! I’m excited to have this dialog with you, actually, I think it will be our first time in this kind of setting, and it should be pretty cool!

    Susan and Walter – thank you… that is too kind 🙂

    Bernadette – excellent – I’ve bumped into you a number of times in cyberspace, it will be cool to hear your voice and learn from you!

    Steve – thanks for the plug! I can’t take any credit for organizing it, though, as there are many people who have put a ton of work into it!

    Krystyna – it will be an awesome day, I’m really looking forward to it!

    Dan – I’d say that qualifies as “LUCKY”

    Maria Elena – thank you, it’s exciting to see the blogosphere already start to pick up on this… very cool!

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