Legal Counsel at the Blogging for Business Conference

Well, it’s probably not “legal counsel,” that might be illegal 🙂

But we do have a session that I haven’t seen elsewhere, in other blog conferences, and I’m pretty jazzed about it.

Rand Bateman - Utah Patent AttorneyRand Bateman is a fellow Utah blogger that I’ve bumped into here and there. He is also an Intellectual Property (IP) attorney in Utah. When I asked Rand about what he thought about my ideas for a legal presentation, he immediately started giving examples and ideas for a presentation, and it was totally inline with what I was thinking.

I actually like what Rand blogs about, since IP is an issue I have with JibberJobber (you know, the bad guys copying what I created :p) Here’s typical Rand style, at the very end of his most recent post about a local university barely getting around to getting a trademark:

For everyone else, I suggest registering your marks during the first century of use.

Rand will help us understand the legal issues surrounding blogging, what we should and shouldn’t communicate, etc. The interesting thing is, this issue always comes up when I hear about business blogs, as the #1 reason to NOT blog.

This will be a presentation worth the price of the ticket. If you can, come out to Utah and join us – heck, we’ll even feed you breakfast and lunch (and snacks in between!)

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