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come meet people!There are a number of networking opportunities that I want to let you know about. Two are pretty much for Utah locals, and three are for people across the country. Here’s my list!

Oct 22 – Blogging 4 Business (this is for anyone, including YOU)

As a blogger I get hit up by PR and marketing firms frequently. I’ve had the typical not-so-good approaches, and only ONE PR professional has done an excellent job. This conference is all about how marketing and PR professionals can understand and leverage blogging and social media, and incorporate it better into their strategic offering.

The conference is in Salt Lake City, tickets are $299, and we are having some incredible speakers coming in (confirmed speakers include Wendy Piersall, Liz Strauss, Rand Bateman, Lindsey Pollak, Tim Stay, Gary Goldhammer – and more to come). If you are a PR or marketing professional I’d say this is a can’t miss event. If you are “just a blogger” and interested in furthering your blogging business, I think it’s an excellent opportunity to learn and network. If you provide services to PR or marketing then get in touch with me. Disclosure: I’m one of two event organizers (and I guarantee this is going to be awesome)!

November 5th and 6th – Sales Shebang! (for women sales professionals/executives)

If you are in sales then be at this conference in Minneapolis. From what I understand the two day event will be packed full of great learning, and I’m sure the networking opportunities will be awesome. More information here. There is a cost – see website for more info.

October 18th – Utah New Media Conference (anyone can come, but this probably isn’t something you would fly in to attend)

For locals in and around Salt Lake, schedule this in. There are a number of presentation by leading local experts covering a variety of topics. I’ll be in San Antonio, so there will not be a “Jason Siting” 🙂 Click here for more information. FREE.

September 20th and October 11th – Utah Tech Spotlight

Again, not something to fly in for, these are about a couple of hours where companies are given about 20 minutes to talk about what they do, who they are, etc. It’s a really cool way to get to know about a company that is local that you may have heard about. September we’ll hear from Unspam and in October we’ll hear from Doba. Come meet the locals – FREE and free drinks 🙂

November 1 – Guy Kawasaki in Utah

I doubt there are any more seats for this, it’s only $10 and registration has been open for a few days. Should be an awesome event with a cross-mix between bloggers and business people – click here for more and to register.

Why am I announcing these things? Whether you are coming or not, you need to have some kind of face-to-face networking going on — what are YOU going to between now and the end of the year?

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