Free User Webinar Tomorrow

click her for the webinarI blogged about this yesterday but learned something new this morning on the private coach webinar. The MixMeeting code I put was wrong 🙁 Here is the correct information:

On Friday morning, 11am Eastern (10am Central, 9am Mountain, 8am Pacific) I’ll spend about 45 minutes with users showing some of the intricacies of JibberJobber. I have done this a number of times for certain partners and know it’s really valuable… please carve out some time on Friday morning to check out JibberJobber from my perspective. Here’s how to Join:

FIRST, go to and enter 7754081 (updated 2:41 EST, August 9th) for the Participant PIN (on the left side) and then fill in the rest, and hit login.

SECOND, call (712) 432-9998 and use this code: 370520#. PLEASE MUTE your phone, and only unmute if you have a question.

Please come join us if you can – it should be fun!