The Most Innovative Car

vehicle innovationLast month’s You Get It winner, Katie Konrath, is innovative and fresh. Yep, her blog is even called Get Fresh Thinking, where she blogs about her passion, creativity and innovation.

Part of the prize package is six months of premium JibberJobber… but Katie is already a lifetime members. So she asks if she can transfer it. I say “absolutely.” To quote part of my response:

Others have had contests, some had someone in mind… do something … fun, fresh, creative :) Wow me!

She has wowed me. Check out and participate in her very cool contest where you click a button on her blog, get assigned a random keyword, and then use that to share an idea on how a car can be improved. Here are some of the contributors and their keywords (to read what they say you should head on over ;)):

Wow – there are some really cool ideas here! It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been in a room with a bunch of smart people just to brainstorm… just reading through the ideas and thoughts has been mentally stimulating!

Katie, excellent idea on the contest – I’m excited to see how it turns out, and perhaps you can summarize “the most innovative car” with all of this input and send it to the major automobile manufacturers!

Where’s my entry? It’s coming! More importantly, where’s your entry? Head on over and participate!

4 thoughts on “The Most Innovative Car”

  1. Jason, thanks for letting your readers know. HOWEVER, I want to point out that I didn’t put the word “homunculus” into my Random Word Generator. I’m not that cruel!

    Vincent picked that word all on his own.

  2. Shoot, I thought that was one of those made-up words :p Leave it to Vincent to challenge a challenge…

    Actually, knowing Vincent, he has probably had that in his mind for a long time (hm, how could we improve cars, you know, with regard to “homunclus” … hm … ” 😉

  3. Hey, thanks for the link to my blog!

    This was a fun little exercise over there at Katie’s blog. I think my word was probably easier than others, but I still came up with an idea that could actually be realistic. A mint dispenser in a car. You never have to worry about having horrendous breath!

  4. I think it was great fun participating and it really shows the power of blogging in sharing ideas and knowledge even in a friendly contest.

    Btw: Thanks for plugging me:D

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